Freestyle Writing Challenge

     My topic: The best quality that you possess

I find writing things like this very difficult. I am quite a self-deprecating person and I find it hard to take compliments so writing a post about my best quality is quite difficult for me, but I shall try! 

I try my best to be a compassionate person. When other people criticise someone, I am usually the one defending them, even if that person happens to be in the wrong. I am a big believer in forgiveness as I feel that holding on to negative feelings only causes harm in the long run. When someone in my family or one of my friends is arguing with someone, I will always be the one to play devil’s advocate. I will pose questions that I hope will get them to consider the motives of the other person and prompt them to consider that maybe something caused the other person to behave in such a way. I am not saying that I defend people who are malicious or evil, I just think it’s important that we don’t jump to conclusions about a person’s intent or motive. I suppose I aim to be just like my favourite literary character, Atticus Finch, in that I aim to show empathy and understanding for others. And that’s my best quality, I think. I try to climb into someone else’s skin and walk around in an Atticus Finch kind of way, not a Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs kind of way.

Words: 249 in ten minutes 

So in case you guys are wondering what the heck I’m on about, I was invited by the wonderful Spence’s Girl to take part in a free style writing challenge. Here are the rules that I have copy and pasted from her blog:

Open an MS Word document (or Pages)

1. Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat. 

2. Your topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.

3. Fill the word doc with as many words as you want. Once you began writing do not stop even to turn.

4. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check in MS WORD (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules)

5. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals. However, if you do, it would be best.

6. At the end of your post write down β€˜No. Of words =_____’ so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.

7. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new Topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nominations (at least 5 bloggers).

Now, as usual, I’m going to cheat a little here. I think this is such a great challenge, and very liberating, so I would like everyone to do it! Yes, that’s right, all of you! If you are reading this and you’re thinking “hey, that seems like something I’d like to do” then I’d be delighted if you would go right ahead and doooo iiiiit! Just let me know in the comments if you are going to partake. It was a lot of fun. 

And your topic?


You can’t look…

…just yet….

You have to be ready to write….

….the minute you see it….

…so without further ado….

Your topic is…..

What is your favourite memory? 



P.S. Those of you who have kindly nominated me for awards (you beauties!), I have not forgotten 😘 I am on it like a car bonnet. Or a pepperoni pizza. 

12 thoughts on “Freestyle Writing Challenge

  1. The V-Pub says:

    That’s quite a challenge. I think that if I tried that, I would repeat the words “mmmm, beer” over and over again. Yes, thank for the distinction about Atticus vs Hannibal. Besides, Atticus wasn’t a fan of fava beans. πŸ˜€

    • janeybgood says:

      Haha, it could be some abstract artistic piece, much like Lennon’s No. 9 Dream πŸ˜€
      Atticus and Hannibal probably did have a lot in common, if you ignore the cannibalism πŸ˜‚

  2. Erika Kind says:

    I love the way you feel about this and can relate a lot.
    You did a wonderful post. I did this challenge twice and it is challenging since you don’t know what topic comes up. But those spontaneous thoughts are always amazing.

  3. PurplesShade says:

    I love what you had to say about yourself, it’s a noble thing to thy to understand others. ^__^

    So I took the challenge. It was harder than I expected, but also good fun.
    Timers aren’t quite as scary as I thought. heh

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