About Me

I’ve decided to update this since the original is about as on-trend as shouting ‘WHAAAAASSSSSUUUUUP’ while wearing Uggs. I’ve kept my original ‘about me’ section below for The Smithsonian, who are someday going to have it framed on a wall next to my wax-work. You’re welcome, world.

I don’t blog under my real name however I think this blog is a place where I can be 100% myself. I am a teacher, and a lover of animals, poetry, literature, humour and astronomy. I love talking about anything, and the more I can learn, the happier I become. I love to meet new people, both virtually and in the real world, although it certainly seems easier here, right? So why not say hello, have a rummage around or leave a link and I can visit your blog. Here’s some fancy internet tea for you. Enjoy!



My name is Jane except it’s not Jane. Confused? Good, you will be.

Come in, make yourself comfortable. Take off your bra if you like.

Because of my job in the CIA, I must remain anonymous. So technically I could be sitting beside you right now. *Allows you time to suspiciously look at the person beside you with narrowed eyes*

Come, peruse my blog and realise how normal you are compared to me. I look forward to you judging me.

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