My Jams

Julie over at Musings of a Workaholic wrote a great post about the music she likes, so I thought I would do the same because I’m unoriginal like that. I think someone’s taste in music reveals a lot about them so hopefully this will reveal a little more about the type of person I am. And then we can be friends and do each other’s hair. Yay.

Here is a list of my favourite songs/musicians.

Jeff Buckley


When my boyfriend and I first fell in love, we lived far apart and saw each other infrequently. It was a difficult time for us, where our main method of communication was furtive love letters to each other. On one occasion, Jack left behind his copy of Jeff Buckley’s 1994 album Grace.
Missing him desperately, I listened to the CD repeatedly. It has long been one of my favourite albums.
Buckley is perhaps best recognised for his beautiful cover of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluljah.

His voice is so hauntingly beautiful that it touches me every time I hear him sing. Sadly, Buckley drowned in 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Eva Cassidy


I wouldn’t consider myself an overly emotional person, but I have yet to listen to an entire Eva Cassidy song without shedding a tear. Her voice is so gut-wrenchingly and achingly beautiful that I could listen to listen to it for eternity. She is known for her fantastic covers of other artists’ songs, and she often manages to improve on the original. Her covers of Sting’s Fields of Gold and Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow are sublime, and are guaranteed to stir even the hardest of hearts. It is her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird that is my personal favourite, however. Excuse me a minute…*wails*
Tragically, Eva died of Melanoma in 1996.

Jack White

What can I say? The man is a musical genius. I particularly love his work as part of The White Stripes. For anyone who doesn’t appreciate his talent, listen to this song:

Sheer brilliance.

The Smiths


Yes yes. I know. The Smiths are to hipsters what Rebel Without a Cause is to angsty teenagers. But that doesn’t mean that they’re as vacuous or as vapid as hipsters (I really don’t like hipsters), on the contrary; their songs are timeless and full of substance. Although their are dozens of songs that I could choose, a particular favourite of mine has always been one of their best known:

Creedence Clearwater Revival

I adore CCR. My favourite song of theirs is Down on the Corner and I like it so much, it is my alarm to get me up for work 🙂

Pearl Jam

I could listen to this song forever:

So there you have it, some of my favourite songs. Who is your favourite singer or band and what is your favourite song?