And Iā€™m Okay

Hi there!

I just wanted to update you all because I’ve gotten a few sweet sympathy emails and I wanted to say a) thank you, you beautiful people and b) I’m not drowning in a sea of merlot and cookie dough ice cream (but what a sea that would be…) But yeah, I’m good.

I’m currently on holidays from work for two, count ’em, TWO weeks…which means that I’m planning to do lots of fun things, like travel around the country in my crap car, while listening to podcasts and taking pictures on my Polaroid. Or visit a dark sky reserve with my darling little telescope. Or I’ll just lie on my sofa staring at my feet and listening to death metal.

Whatever I do, it’ll be fun. And that’s what I need. I could also do with a travel companion who will stop me from accidentally driving off a cliff (again…dammit) so if you know anyone (preferably Tom Hardy but I’m willing to settle) then hit me up.

In other news, I’m looking at traveling for the summer. I have no idea where, but sure isn’t that half the fun? My job means that I have the freedom to do it so why not? My job also means that I have perfected a passive-aggressive look of disdain, but mostly the freedom thing.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Let me dream for a little while…

There’s so much more that’s been going on in my life. But that’s for another day. Right now, I’m reading the poetry of Byron from a 105 year old book while simultaneously watching Jeremy Kyle. Because classy. Seriously though, the combination is amazing.

Enough about me. How is all with you? What have you been up to? Did you know that goats are actually just male sheep? Probably?

Kisses and hugs that linger for too long xxx

P.S. I was reminded of this scene from The Simpsons on FB today…how amazing/emotionally traumatising is it?!

Homer’s Mother Leaves

Well, bye.


I’m on my holidays! *Does energetic yet awkward happy dance*

So now I shall be able to dedicate more time to my blog and also, to your blog.

But not today, because our staff went out to celebrate last night and I may or may not (but most likely may) have robot danced my way to stiff muscles today. I also sang “Jump Around” at karaoke and in my enthusiasm, lost my voice. All together now “pack it up, pack it in, let me begin…”

Cupid or Cats will be one next month, and what a crazy and random year it has been. That’s why I want to make sure I dedicate more time to my blog in my free time, and also more time to you guys and your amazing brains. Braaaainnns. Okay, I need more sleep.
Janey out.

P.S. I woke up with this as my screensaver and I have no idea how it happened. Anyone?


Tell me your best bad joke

Hey there lovelies šŸ˜€

I had a lovely time visiting home, even if I did get lured into a banjo duet with a questionable looking kid (this didn’t actually happen, I’m implying that the area I’m from is similar to the place portrayed in the movie Deliverance and if you didn’t get that, well, maybe I’m just not that funny *cries*).


I got to catch up with my lovely family, and even ate some Easter eggs (I’m writing this on a treadmill…okay, I’m writing this on my sofa while changing the channels with my foot, HAPPY NOW?!). Tomorrow, I’m going jogging. Or having a cardiac arrest. Only time will tell.

Anyway, I had such an amazing time with my family that I actually cried when I was leaving them. I curled up in my mother’s arms like a baby. A giant woman-baby. Well, that’s disturbing.

For the journey home, my mother amused me with terrible jokes. Here are some of her best:

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
Breathe, idiot! BREATHE

Why do swallows fly south for the winter?
Because it’s too far to walk.

What did the Lion King say to Simba when he was walking too slow?

These were so bad that I inevitably ended up laughing at my mother (especially because she thinks she’s HILARIOUS!) and I was cheered up in no time šŸ™‚

So, what’s your best bad joke? If you share it with me I will smile and I have a wonderfully creepy smile, so everyone wins. Tell me your bad jokes and I’ll have eater’s remorse while having nightmares about giant Easter eggs chasing me (I’m not even lying, that has happened). As Snoop Dogg would say, PEACE!

More Awards..I’m gonna dress as a bear and hug you all

You guys. Right now I’m adulting hard; wearing a onesie and eating Coco Pops. I am in a damn good mood. I got two weeks holidays from school today, which I needed more than Justin Bieber needs a knee to the groin. I also have been the lucky (and very grateful) recipient of some more blogging awards this week, which makes me want to hug all of you, or failing that, we can just do this:

Firstly, I want to give a big shout out to Amanda over at Insidethelifeofmoi who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I adore her blog and if you haven’t checked her out, then go now. She is brilliant and funny and…WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

Anyway, the next two bloggers I want to thank are Julie over at Random Musings From a Type-A Workaholic and Rob over at weight2lose2013 for both nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

Julie is a wonderful blogger and has been so wonderful to read and comment on my blog. Julie, your support really means a lot and thank you for this award. If you haven’t seen Julie’s blog, then you need to check her out. She’s funny, entertaining and multi-talented.
Rob is another wonderful blogger that I want to thank. He is bags of fun (I was going to say “sacks of fun” but that sounds dirty) and besides blogging about weight loss, he also blogs about gardening, music and he shares some amazing recipes.

This is a really cool award. Whenever I write a post and people take the time to actually read it, it really means so much to me. I have some wonderful followers who are always so great to interact with me and I finally get to give these guys an award to show my gratitude, WOO! Sorry, too much caffeine.

The rules are simple. You thank the blogger who nominated you. You post the award on your blog. Nominate 14 bloggers who read your blog and let them know.

This is my way of thanking my readers. I will say, I get a little stressed out when compiling these lists because I always accidentally leave someone out. So I apologise to the person who
momentarily will be poking some Jane doll with needles in advance.

Here are my lovely nominees:
I’m also going to nominate Rob and Julie because I appreciate their interaction too.
I know not all of you do these award things so you don’t have to actually do anything, just know that I appreciate you šŸ™‚

Again, if I have forgotten anyone, then it’s because I’m an idiot and my head hurts. Notice the way I didn’t even clean up the links, that’s right, I’M LAZY!

Think I’m finished? Not by a long shot sister. The wonderful Sarah has also nominated me for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

I’m going to pick some of my favourite chicks here. I think I’m supposed to answer questions but this is turning into a thesis, so I’m just going to nominate some women I lurve-Females, assemble!

So there ya go ladies, enjoy šŸ™‚

Phew, that was intense. Sorry the links look messy, but I *trails off with lame excuse*…Thanks to those who have nominated me and I’m going to go hibernate now.

I dare you to…

So I was unpacking boxes in my new house (we moved lately) and I found something hilarious: A list of dares my best friend and I compiled for our first holiday abroad when we were 19. We made a list of eleven dares. Whoever did the most, or the majority, first, got ā‚¬30. It was so ridiculously immature, but fun.

1. When the plane is taking off, yell ‘KEVIIIIN’ as loud as possible. (I took this one.)

2. Run out to the pool by yourself, flailing excitedly and cannonball in. Then calmly get out and walk back inside (my best friend did this and the reaction was brilliant).

3. When any waitress brings food to our table, stand up and meaningfully hug her. Bonus points for patting her back and whispering ‘thank you, thank you.’ (My best friend did this too.)

4. Find a karaoke bar, rap the full song ‘The Next Episode’ by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg complete with thrusting and grunting. (I did this and nearly knocked out the DJ with the microphone.)

5. Ask another tourist, while holding your camera, “would you mind taking a picture” and if they say yes, hand the camera to me, and pose beside the tourist. (I also did this and still have the photo. Their awkward expression is priceless.)

6. Get into a taxi. Ensure there is complete silence for about five minutes. Then suddenly (and very sincerely) begin singing “Dust in the Wind”. (Again, I did this because my friend didn’t really know the words. I took my inspiration from Will Ferrell in ‘Old School’ and the taxi driver loved it. He even asked for an encore, so it didn’t really have the desired awkward effect but it was fun.)

7. Get into the baby pool with armbands. (My best friend did this and did a brilliant job of looking cautious and frightened by the 7 inches of water.)

8. (We didn’t call it ‘photobomb’ but that’s what we meant) Randomly get into the background of someone’s photo and look at creepy as possible (we both did this and we’re sure it was very creepy indeed).

9. Sit near to a group of people by the pool and calmly narrate everything they do. (I don’t think neither of us did this. At least not when we were sober, anyway.)

10. Go to a club and robot dance for a full song with a very serious face (I’m pretty sure we both did this also.)

11. Excitedly run up to a person by the pool, tap them and say ‘you’re it!’ before running off. (I did this. I did not expect the game to catch on and for about thirty people to start playing.)

Overall, I completed more but I don’t think I ever got that ā‚¬30. The prize was looking crazy and scaring complete strangers. Ah, to be 19 again.