My thoughts on blogging

So I think it’s probably about time I explain my blog a little. I started this blog in July and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t even my idea. For years, I’ve been writing random thoughts down or typing them onto Jack’s laptop. When he read some of them he told me that I should start a blog. I also get a lot of feedback from friends about my Facebook page. Whenever I’m out at a bar, I get random acquaintances approaching me saying things like ‘hey Jane, your status updates are hilarious’ which is confusing really, because I’m trying to be serious. I mean someone once wrote ‘LOL’ under my status about how I broke my ankle on a mountain. Now I know how The Joker feels.

I decided to write mostly about my relationship and relationships in general but I have often veered waaay off topic because, well, I do that. I mostly just write what I feel like and what doesn’t appear totally insane. Although inside my head looks mainly like this:


My issue with blogging is that I can’t be myself and I can be more myself all at the same time. Don’t worry, I know that sentence is more complex than the plot to “Inception” but I’ll explain. I have to remain anonymous. I can’t share this blog on my Facebook page because Ireland is such a small nation that sooner or later it would find its way to my students’ computer screens. ‘Hey miss, how’s the menstrual cycle?’ Ok, I won’t ever write about that, but I’m not even happy that they know I have a cat. Given that I talk about my relationship and generally act certifiable, it’s probably best that I remain anonymous.

I think my friends would like my blog, and it would certainly give my blog a wider readership. However, I’m actually enjoying the anonymity. I can be completely honest about my thoughts and feelings without worrying about running into Mary down the road in the supermarket (and she’s a real pill, by the way).
This blog might not be attracting a lot of traffic nor do I have heaps of followers, but that was never why I started (although I’m grateful for it all). I actually didn’t expect much interaction at all. I have an incredibly random brain. I don’t really have a filter (which makes teaching fuuunnn) so I honestly assumed that I would basically be writing to myself but that hasn’t been the case. Some of you actually take time to read my thought processes and to be honest, it’s really nice. Especially since this is all done on my phone, ill-prepared and badly edited. So I’m grateful for any interaction at all really, and it’s been fun. I find myself much more drawn to WordPress than to any of my other social networking sites because I’m more open and honest here. I find it quite therapeutic.

I also enjoy reading other peoples’ random thoughts because I’m creepy like that. No, I’m not lurking in your garden. Yet.

Blogging has quickly become my favourite thing to do. Yep, it even beats building model castles with my students. Mostly because it’s not as messy, even if I have cookie crumbs on my top right now.
So I hope that this is just the start of something great.