Ah, Go On.

He writes my experience better than I could

nerd on the bridge

If only
he’d been honest
and told the truth
about his work wife…
would have turned out fine, you
would have understood,
cheered him on, and,
continued full-steam ahead
to the harbour
in Nuptials Bay,
where the priest waited
with me friends and family
to witness the pageantry
of public oaths I came to loathe
sooner rather than later, almost married
to a cheater, who loves
but doesn’t respect me enough
to confess
a year in advance
his romancing and shagging
some saucey little dish
that enhanced his happiness,
from what I know,
didn’t adversely affect how he felt
about me, after all,
I.F.T (I fucked Ted),
as a conversation-starter, and again,
as a warning,
so I assumed even then
it’d sunk into his head
that only men
are cheaters,
to sympathy and absolution,
the sole privilege of women.

I’m no fool,
nothing shocks me anymore, but…

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