I’m the Worst Sick Person

I currently have some kind of head cold/chest infection thing that is making me feel like my head is stuffed with nails and or golf balls. It sucks. But I’m also just a terrible, terrible patient. I get the sniffles? Well, it must be Ebola. I get a muscle pain? Well, it must be some degenerative condition that will render me limbless in six months. Right now, I’m lying on my sofa wailing intermittently while surrounded by tissues and cats.*

I have always been a bad sick person. I mean, you’re not really sick unless you mention it at least thirty times a day, amirite? And you can hardly be expected to help yourself, so it’s essential that someone waits on you hand and foot, serving you hot whiskey and toast while you watch re-runs of Project Runway. Fluid intake is key to a swift recovery. And I’m sure my loved ones wouldn’t want me to die right? RIGHT?

So, tell me about your weekend? *twirls hair* What ya up to? I’ll listen while crying into my whiskey.

*Well, two cats. But they’re on either side of me, so….

24 thoughts on “I’m the Worst Sick Person

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I’m the opposite Janey. I keep the mantra, “This is not a cold, this is not a cold” going even as I blow my schnozz till it bleeds….denial is half the battle. I feel if I go down I might not resurface, the product, I suppose, of living with a chronically ill mother for many years. 1000 mg Vitamin C every day, love, even afyer you get better. And oral Olive Leaf, a great immune booster. Get well soon and Happiest of New Years to you. I just got over our three week dance of death with the worst cold in a decade.

  2. pensitivity101 says:

    From one snuffly to another (have had this cold for three weeks and can’t shift it), Happy New Year Janey.
    I’m lucky in that I’m rarely ill but when I am, it ain’t pretty. However, I prefer to be left on my own to ‘die quietly’ in bed. Hubby is good though, he brings me tea or hot water with paracetamol if I need it, and let’s me have the bed to myself (apart from dog). That’s love. ❤

  3. Gary Lum says:

    Get well soon Janey.
    Most blokes will identify with you given the ravages of man flu.
    I’m having a good weekend relaxing and eating before going back to work after some days off between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

  4. Maieutic.Arts says:

    Nearly everyone I know is sick with the same type of thing right now! Me included. Do you think the companies that make cold medicine send out some sort of sickness into the air through insects or birds or something when they’re sales are down? Nah… me either. 😅😁😁

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