This is the worst post I’ve ever ‘written’

So hello there friends! How have you all been? I’m good! I’m getting super excited for Christmas and also not knitting. I said *not* knitting, so nothing new there. I may have just invented a new tongue twister.

Aaaanyway, I just wanted to stop by to say hello and to spread some positivity and love. I feel like Julie Andrews on Prozac because I just freakin love this time of year. Everybody “it’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaarrr” and I’m gonna stop now because I don’t quite know the lyrics so I’ll just hum instead…

So what’s new with me?

Well, I’m still working. I just got drunk at my staff party but that’s okay because it’s basically expected of me at this stage. I am busy trying to plan my wedding (I say my, because I may as well be marrying myself), I’m buying things I can’t afford, I’m learning French and I just ate two packets of crisps and I hate myself. Standard really.

What about you?? How you doin’? Wait, that sounded a little pervy. How are you? *tilts head to the side* did that sound more sincere?

Remember, you’re only as old as your bra size… and hey, if that’s like 40 FF, at least you have big boobs, right? RIGHT?


15 thoughts on “This is the worst post I’ve ever ‘written’

  1. pensitivity101 says:

    Bra size. Like that, it knocks over 21 years off me.
    However, Hubby and I act our shoe size (9 and 7 respectively) as we believe youth is wasted on the young! Love Christmas. Ours is quiet and ‘our way’, fun, inexpensive and ‘chilled’.
    Good luck with the wedding plans. If it helps we did ours, incl the honeymoon, on less than £500. OK that was 26 years ago, but there were only 9 of us and we had 4 days in Amsterdam, first time I’d been out of the country!

      • pensitivity101 says:

        Ours was certainly fun….from the handcuffs in case I changed my mind, to the sugar puffs and rice crispies stuck in my bra and our bridal suite being an inside cabin with bunk beds on the ferry! Yep, I did a post on it, and coming back was an even bigger riot, of laughs as there was a transport strike in Holland!
        Seriously, your wedding is your day so do it your way and enjoy it, not stress over it.
        Happy Christmas. xx

  2. Gary Lum says:

    Haha, are you still under the influence Janey???
    Now I want to know your bra size 😂 See, that’s pervy!
    I’m well. I need to know some French too. I’m headed to Lyon next week for a work meeting and have no idea how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, which way to the toilet, and how does this money work???

    I’m there for 3 days. Hopefully, I survive.

  3. Maieutic.Arts says:

    Hah!! I actually read that first line on knitting as if you were, indeed, knitting. Thank you for the clarification. 😅😁 I imagined this quirky, knitting, 30-something – and then that was quickly erased from my mind. Sadly? Not sure.

    Anyhow, glad to read your “worst.” I think you guys use the word “cheeky” to describe things? Echem, I am (sadly) from the United States. So. I am sorry if I am using that word inappropriately to describe how it feels to read your sharing ✌️💕.

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