Advice on a Sunday Night 

Why, hello there. Fancy meeting you here. 

Here in Ireland, it’s Sunday night which means that the majority of us are doing two things: 

  • Sobbing over a takeaway while watching trash TV 
  • Freaking out over the coming week 

For a long time, that was exactly what I would have been doing (give or take a bottle of wine and a unicorn onesie). I absolutely dreaded Mondays. I would go so far as to say that Sunday nights were filled with intense anxiety and utter fear. 

To deal with this, I really worked on identifying why I was so anxious. I also worked on identifying things in my life that I am lucky for and that I have regardless of what day of the week it is. 

If you dread Mondays and the week ahead to an extent that you feel fearful or panicked, you must ask yourself whether you are in the right job or career for you. Many of us find ourselves in jobs that we really grow to dislike. There really is nothing worse. I was in a job for over two years that I absolutely loathed. I felt I couldn’t leave it because I had moved far away to take it, it paid well and it was in my chosen career. But it made me miserable. I cried constantly, I had perpetual knots in my stomach and I was depressed beyond belief. It was a difficult decision to leave, but I did. I ended up finding a job that I adore and I feel so lucky to be able to get up every Monday morning. There was a time when I wasn’t able to, so I appreciate it more than I can express.

Some people live for the weekend (I do love my weekends!). The problem is that we often put too much stock in our weekends, to the point that we often wish away the days of the week; days where we often accomplish amazing things (in my case, beating my high score in Candy Crush. WIN-NING). I often think, when we are on our death beds or maybe someday ruefully looking back on the days we wasted, we would take any idle Thursday or Monday and live it again. All the days of our lives are a wonderful gift that we shouldn’t wish away. We will only live tomorrow’s Monday once. If you are getting up to go to work, or indeed getting up at all, you are lucky. I know, I know, try telling me that at 6 am in the freezing cold, right? But trust me, you will look back on the days that now appear mundane and pointless and you will appreciate their value. And anyway, those weekends when you relax and unwind feel so much better when you feel that you’ve truly earned them. 

So go out and kick Monday’s ass! 


10 thoughts on “Advice on a Sunday Night 

  1. Eileen says:

    I love this! And so true. I think since the tragedy here in the US in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I tend to count it even more of a blessing to get up each day. Breath in, breath out, and see each day as a gift. We truly don’t know which one might be our last.

  2. Paolo B. says:

    Good stuff! I think when people say I wish it was the weekend the joke is to say don’t be so quick to wish you life away or something along those lines. It is true though, you only get the Monday once so don’t waste it wishing you weren’t there 🙂

  3. anasylvi says:

    Well this is a very good article, I must say. I remember dreading the Mondays since back in childhood, when I had to go to school but afterwards I had some jobs that were in shifts so I ended up with weekend being just a word and no need to dread Mondays anymore. 😀 Now my job is at home so it doesn’t really matter the day, but it’s so true: we should value more each day.

    • janeybgood says:

      Hiya! Thank you 🙂 yep,
      I think fear of Mondays is pretty ingrained in us. I really don’t mind them as much because each day is a gift! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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