Welcome to My Home 

I currently live in a little cottage with a friend, our two cats and our two dogs (yes, I consider them my children, no they don’t have pacifiers…unless….okay, stop it Jane..). Anyway, this is the home that my grandfather built to raise my mother and her three siblings. I spent many a happy evening as a child here, picking gooseberries with Granddad and sitting on his (extremely patient) Old English Sheepdog’s back while he brought me on a tour of the garden. When my grandfather died, the house was passed to his youngest daughter, my auntie. For years, the house was rented by strangers while we went about our lives. My aunt loved the house, but didn’t live here as she had a life built with her family at the other end of the country. We all kind of just let it go, although my aunt visited it as often as she could.
Sadly, last year, my aunt passed away after a long battle with cancer. Around that time, myself and J happened to be looking for a new home. It just seemed like fate that we would wind up here; in the house my mother grew up in, the house my aunt had loved so much and the place where I had so many fond memories. I’ve been living here for a year now, and this place has become a shelter for me. I’ve had my struggles, but this lovely home has been my one constant. And you know, I’ve gotten to decorate it with owl ornaments so…there’s that.
So, lovely readers, I thought I would take you on a little tour of my cosy little home because it is one of my favourite places in the world and I love sharing with you all…besides cake *cat hiss in your direction*

The exterior:

The Main Living Area:

Gatsby insisted on being in the photo

Dining Room: 

Our Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom: 


The Little Things I Love 

I love the little bookshelves at the top of this room although they aren’t the most practical!

There is a loft up these stairs that J uses as an office. It is the only room upstairs. My grandfather, a carpenter, built the staircase out of church pews.

I love soft lighting. I filled gorgeous hurricane lamp with rose petal lights and it makes a beautiful lamp at night.

Hope you all enjoyed the little tour of  my house. Feel free to come and stalk me! 😝❤️

40 thoughts on “Welcome to My Home 

  1. Chelly says:

    Aw it’s so pretty, I’m so jealous 😂 if i ever happen upon your house on my travels I will have to come stalk you 😂😂

  2. Erika Kind says:

    Janey, this post touched my heart. The house must have waited for you. So much love with which you made it a home for you and yours…. oh, and I love that bunny pillow 😍

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