This post is more all over the place than 2007 Britney

My poor blog. Seriously. It is so neglected that if it were a person, it would be wearing a burlap sack and banging a tin cup against the bars of the prison I keep it in. Thankfully, it’s not a person. But I must admit, I’ve been less than diligent with my posting. I love blogging. When I first started, I found a part of myself I never really knew existed. It has opened me up in a way that nothing else ever really could have. So I will come back to my blog, clean it up a little and bake it some cookies by way of an apology. I will also eat those cookies because that’s what my blog would want.

Last time I wrote, I discussed my issues with anxiety. While I am feeling a lot better, it is a daily struggle. The medication helps significantly, but I’m frequently exhausted beyond belief. I also suffer from vestibular migraines, which my anxiety medication actually treats. So yay, I guess? All in all, I’m not doing too badly. 

As some of you may know, I’m a secondary school teacher (I teach English and history and a smattering of other things). I’ve just been working part time and am now on school holidays, although I will be acting as a scribe for a student who is unable to write her exams. I actually love doing it. 

I’m still living in my little cottage with my two cats, two dogs and lovely boyfriend. J is working full-time as well as completing his PhD. He is a little unwell at the moment and that’s been another cause for concern. Please send him good thoughts! 

Just reading over this, it all seems a little subdued. I’m actually in a very good place. For me, having a sense of humour has been key to getting through the last year. It wasn’t always easy, but I really do believe the old cliche: laughter is the best medicine. My friends have been amazing in helping me. We just laugh constantly (I mean, we breathe sometimes too) and it helps me no end. 

I recently turned thirty (as I’ve mentioned about a million times!) and instead of the anticipated freak-out, I’m actually really at peace with it all. Really. Ahem. Honestly though, I’m still a silly, slightly crazy, giggling pile of incompetence and that’s okay. I have learned over the years not to take myself so seriously. I’m really learning to be okay with who I am, and who I am not. 

So, in conclusion, here’s what I did last month instead of correcting exam scripts… because necessary. 


15 thoughts on “This post is more all over the place than 2007 Britney

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Hi, Janey! It is good to see you, sweet bee! Too funny! Wow, you have a heavy bag to carry right now but I am glad to hear that you have found a way of dealing with it. I hope that soon you are reaching a point where you can reduce the medication and get rid of that migraine. I am glad you are having such great friends which I think is the most important part whatever we have to go through. I also hope that all is soon well again with your boyfriend. Huge hugs, Janey💖

    • janeybgood says:

      Thank you Erika! I am really focusing on being as positive as I can be, and finding something to smile about even if I don’t necessarily feel like it. As usual, your words are a comfort. Hope you are having a lovely day xx

      • Erika Kind says:

        I hear you, Janey. That reminds me if the times in my life when I did exactly the same. Trying to find something in every day I can look forward to in order to make it through that day. It is the best that can be done and one day you won’t need it anymore… much love to you, my dear 💖

  2. pensitivity101 says:

    Hi Jane. Good to see a post from you. Wishing a speedy recovery to that lovely man of yours. Looooooove the bee. Really into bees at the moment as they are feeling the heat and both of us are doing our bit to get them out of harm’s way and onto flowers for shade and feed.

    • janeybgood says:

      Hellloooo! So sorry about the lateness of my reply, I am all over the place. Oh I love bees too. I just planted a lot of wildflowers in my garden for them. I hope you’re enjoying the summer 🙂

      • pensitivity101 says:

        Hi Janey, glad you got back to me. Bit too hot for me lately, but much cooler today thank goodness. Still no rain though! Hope the bees are buzzing in your garden.

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