Anxiety and Me 

Hi everyone! 

Well, it’s been a while. As usual. It’s been a little crazy for me lately…well crazier than usual, anyway. 

So back in December I was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder and put on Zoloft (and xanax to help me sleep). I have been through some rough patches in my life but I have never, ever felt so low. I thought I knew what anxiety was but nope, not until it hit me full force in the face like a wet fish. 

I had to take time off work. I felt alone and helpless. It led to huge strains with my family and with my boyfriend. I never knew what it would feel like to not want to get out of bed, nevermind leave the house. I never knew just how miserable a person could feel; how panicked and how vulnerable. 

The road to recovery will be long and difficult. Maybe I will never fully recover, but I can learn to live with this. I certainly am feeling much better and am able to do many more things now than I could have last month. My boyfriend has been wonderful, my family has been supportive and I’ve had a close friend be there when I needed her. She was also diagnosed with a GAD and we’ve been able to support each other. I think I’ve taken her for granted in the past. It’s only when you hit rock bottom that you really appreciate the genuine friends who don’t hesitate to make you a priority. I hope she feels the same about my friendship. 

The past few weeks have been much better. The first of the month was the one year anniversary of my aunt’s death from cancer. I spent the day with my family and just knowing how close our bond is made me feel really special. So too did the numerous messages from close friends and colleagues who remembered her anniversary. It really was as good a feeling as any pill. Sometimes people really surprise me with how thoughtful they can be. 

So guys, I’m doing well. Really well, in fact. I’m working part-time again and I love my job. I’m taking much better care of my health by exercising and eating well. I’m writing a lot and learning to love my own company. I’m laughing again and playing with my nieces and nephew. I’m running through fields with my dogs (LOL at that mental image) and bopping my cat on the head with her toys. All in all, life is good right now. There will be a time when I’ll struggle again, but I’ll be okay. I will always end up okay.

Who wouldn’t be when they’ve got unicorn slippers? I repeat, UNICORN SLIPPERS 🦄🦄

I hope all of you have been doing well, and if not then feel free to tell me about it. It’s always good to talk, right? Now let’s all have tea and freak out over how adorable my slippers are. 


30 thoughts on “Anxiety and Me 

  1. The V Pub says:

    Janey!!!! You’ve been missed, my friend. The road ahead will be paved with the love of friends and family. You’ll not be alone. Now, shall we expect your blog name to change to Cupid or Cats or Unicorns? 🙂

  2. rob2605 says:

    Glad you’ve been feeling a bit brighter over the past few weeks 🙂

    I have anxiety and, although I’m not sure that it ever goes away completely, over time you do learn how to manage it and feel like yourself again.

    I’m blogging about my experiences here if you’re interested:

    You’re right by the way, it is always good to talk 🙂 x

    • janeybgood says:

      Hi there! Yep I’m definitely feeling a lot better. I attribute it mostly to excise and sleeping properly. I also am lucky to have a pretty amazing support system.
      I love the look of your blog. You seem like you are doing well and are certainly trying your best to be positive and upbeat. That’s great! Thanks for stopping by 😊

  3. Amanda Lyle says:

    You’re back! Yay! (And with unicorn slippers …. I’m well jeal!)

    we’ve missed you so! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a nightmare of a time, but it’s good to see you back on your (unicorn-wearing feet) and writing again. This will help! Writing is the greatest therapy there is!

    Welcome back! 😊

    • janeybgood says:

      Hi Amanda! It’s been forever. Hopefully I’ll stick around but I just never know. How are you? I was reading your blog over the last few weeks. I really love it. I know you’ve been having a bit of a tough time yourself so I hope you’re doing as well as can be. I’ve been kind of invisible here for a while. Thanks for stopping by 😊

  4. pensitivity101 says:

    Love the slippers! Where can I get some? Maggie might get jealous though.
    So glad to see a post from you. You are right about the support of friends, and how wonderful they remembered your anniversary loss. You are not alone.
    I didn’t realise just how many friends I had here in blogland as well as around me. Hubby has been marvellous (as always). Each day is different and it’s such good news to know you are working again part time. Anxiety, panic and depression are familiar to me from the past, but it is good to talk, to share, and dare I say it, get mad!
    Stay positive. Smiles and hugs and all that being sent your way. ❤ ❤ 🙂

    • janeybgood says:

      Hiya!! I got them in a local supermarket and they were probably the most impractical purchase I’ve made recently 😂 you’re right, the support is wonderful. I haven’t gotten it from everyone; in fact I feel some friends have distanced themselves a little but I understand that not everyone is able to deal with it. Thanks for sharing your own experience and I’m glad you are doing well 😊

  5. Gary Lum says:

    Janey, thanks for sharing, I think being at a stage where you can stage is a really great thing. It’s wonderful that you’re now feeling in a better place. Having the support of your BF and family is so important.

    • janeybgood says:

      Thanks so much Gary. I really appreciate all the kindness. It’s lovely to know that people care. It shows me that we do all really need each other and that’s very reassuring!

  6. Erika Kind says:

    Hi, Janey! It is so good to see you, dear! I am glad you have come such a long way. Oh, and I love your unicorn slippers 😊 Really, I am excited you are here. You were so missed 💖

  7. dweezer19 says:

    Unicorn! Uuuunicorn! Love em. Hugs Janey. So good to see you again. Hang in there sweets, and do keep running through those fields. I would particularly enjoy the cat head bopping. 😜

  8. Chelly says:

    Ugh I adore your unicorn slippers!!! 😍😍😂
    Don’t forget we’re here for you too ☺ i always look forward to your posts because even when you’ve been having such a shitty time you still manage to make me smile 😊 today has been an amazing day for me, I drove half a mile for the first time in almost 5 years!! I was so happy I cried, migraines slowed me down but I’m getting there, with you and the rest of my ever growing family ☺

    • janeybgood says:

      Aw that’s so kind of you. It’s lovely to be able to talk to such genuine and kind people. Thank you!!! Oh that is AMAZING! congrats 😀😀😀🌻🌻🌻 so happy for you. I know that you really suffer so that it a big deal. Unicorn slippers for you 😂😂🦄🦄

  9. Garfield Hug says:

    Oh Janey!!! I missed your voice. I am sorry to hear of your struggle. You are strong and am so happy you overcame! Love your unicorn slippers. Mine are Garfield slippers😊Take care.

    • janeybgood says:

      Aw thanks so much 😄😄 your slippers sound a lot better to be honest lol. I absolutely love Garfield. I remember only eating lasagne as a kid because it was his favourite 😂 thanks for saying hello and I hope you are doing well 😀😀

  10. Eileen says:

    Hi Girl, I’m sorry you have had to go through this. But, I’m glad you are better. Hang in there, and take care of yourself. So good to hear from you!

  11. blacksans says:

    I am so sorry you had to go through this and after experiencing it with a friend I know exactly how hard anxiety can be. Wishing you well and hoping you are in a better place now xx

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