Sooo…hi there! 

Hi guyssss! 

I’m sorry it’s been *looks at watch* FOREVER but…well, I have a bunch of excuses. Does anyone even remember me? If not, I’m the one who likes owls and teaches her cat useful tricks, like card counting and Olympic diving. 

So I disappeared again. 2016 has been weird man. I made it my goal to get super fit and healthy and that kinda happened. I have really never felt so energetic *does 100 lunges while balancing monthly budget* Seriously though, I really made an effort this year to improve my standard of living and I just feel so much better, as evidenced in these insanely narcissistic and filtered as f**k selfies. Just look at the big happy head on me there.

Besides taking superfluous selfies, I’ve been teaching and I moved house a couple of times. I’m a lot more settled now in a lovely cottage. 

Remember my other half, Jack? Yeah, that almost went south but we managed to claw our way back and we’re really trying now. I’ll blog about all of that soon too! I’m just back from a lovely holiday with my best friend where I partied too much and got sunburnt. Standard really. 

I’m sure a million other things that are at least mildly interesting have happened to me, but I want to hear about you now. Talk to me. Have some tea. Tell me about your summer. 


26 thoughts on “Sooo…hi there! 

  1. The V Pub says:

    A Janey sighting! You have been missed, my friend! WP isn’t the same without you. And as far as the selfies are concerned *swooning*. Love them!
    So lets hear about your hiatus!


  2. Eileen says:

    Hey girly!Missed you. You look great. Keep up the good work. I made a change too ….colored my hair. I got tired of people thinking I was ten years older than I am. Who needs that right? I’m a red head now. Must update my picture. Take care.

  3. Chelly says:

    Agh! You’re back! 😂 Sorry I’m just seeing this now, I had been wondering how you’re doing! Your selfies look awesome!..selfies just don’t work out for me 99.9% of the time because I’m so picky and who has patience for the .1%? 😉 Sorry to hear things are tough with your boyfriend, I hope everything keeps improving for you now! My summer was awesome, went to see Coldplay in June and I still haven’t come down from that cloud haha.. I’m teaching piano at the moment, got my first student a few days ago! 😱😁 teaching is feckin hard though but I did enjoy it at the same do you manage teaching more than one student at a time for a whole day as opposed to 30 mins?! I am in awe! 😀
    Glad to have you back, hope you’re really doing ok, don’t forget it’s ok to be sad but it’s also ok to be happy X

    • janeybgood says:

      Helllllooooo! How are you doing? Well I’m fed up of the selfies again, for now anyway haha.
      Oh that’s so cool! I would LOVE to play a musical instrument but I found it very difficult. Fair play to ya! It must be difficult to teach and requires infinite patience haha. One on one is actually really difficult because you have to give the person 100% of your attention and that’s definitely challenging.
      Coldplay must have been amazing! They are def on the bucket list.
      Hope you are doing well, it sounds like you are 😀 great as always to hear from you!

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