Two Challenges, oh yeeeah! 

The lovely Cheryl over at Tropical Affair nominated me to take part in the Love in Ten Lines challenge. I say challenge because this: 

All of this…

I sat down to do this challenge thibking “pfft, I got this.” Cheryl’s genius post made it look so easy. I forgot that she is a skilled poet and I struggle to make word good sound nice. See? Check out her lovely poem at the link above.

The challenge is to write ten lines of poetry, with four words in each line, all including the word love. It sounds deceptively easy. Just as I was about to hit publish on my “I love Nutella sandwiches X 10” post, I saw that the lovely Mecia Not Quite London from had nominated for the Love/Hate tag. You are supposed to write down ten things you love and ten that you hate. Simples. That when this happened:

Why don’t I just combine both challenges? I can write ten things I love using four words per line. Ah, being a genius, it’s not always easy.

So here goes:

I love red lipstick

I love milk chocolate

I love my fiancé

I love my pets

I love scented candles

I love being weird

I love to laugh

I love warm cuddles

I love being outside

I love funny people 

Okay, so not exactly W.B. Yeats material but it will do. Now I’d better list what I hate:

  • Rude people
  • Standing still for too long
  • Stubbornness
  • Raisins
  • Animal cruelty
  • Crowds
  • Being separated from those I love 
  • Doubt 
  • Being misunderstood 
  • Waiting for too long 

So, just because I cheated doesn’t mean you guys have to 😄

The first challenge is the Ten Line Poetry competition and I have plenty of poetically-gifted friends who will smash this! Just to recap the rules:

-you must compose a ten line long poem with four words in each line, one to be the word “love”. It’s, er, not that difficult. 

I nominate the wonderfully talented Melanie over at Wordifull

The very creative David from toofulltowrite

And the brilliant Floridaborne over at Two on a Rant

If anyone can do this, they can! Although there’s no pressure to partake guys. 

Next, I need to nominate some people for the Love/Hate tag. It’s simple: you basically list ten things you hate, ten things you love and then choose ten bloggers to do the same. That I can do. 

My nominees are: 

I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens
Mother Hen Diaries
A Cookbook Collection
Tropical Affair (gotta return the love😃)
The V-pub

Post Curfew Bewonderments 

Again, no pressure to take part guys! Have a great day, wherever you are! 

44 thoughts on “Two Challenges, oh yeeeah! 

    • janeybgood says:

      Maybe but skilfully, but done 😀 Thanks! I do love both. I actually eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine at the weekend for a treat but if I’m indulging, I really love milk chocolate!

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Oh buuuurnnnn…..Janey! I was just about to thank you when I saw the new tag. Yikes! You paid me back, girlie. I don’t even like to say the word h..ha…h…haaaaa…damn. Can’t do it! I will however give my best effort to those things I really, really, really dislike more than cheese on my apple pie! Hugs honey. So good to learn a few more things about you. Now I gotta go cancel that flash mob thingy I had arranged on your laen….😳

    • janeybgood says:

      Ha! I was not going to tag you and then I thought “I’m sure she’ll just looooove this” 😃😝 I didn’t want you to feel left out or anything 😇
      B-b-but, I love flash mobs. And also, I’m watching a really scary movie and a flashmob would be a welcome distraction.

      • dweezer19 says:

        Wine for cooking…cervesa for the taco dinner….then maybe…mojitos…I should have a good “love” list going by then. Wait! I’ll see if I can call back the Irish Firemen’s Union to get that mob back for you…..😛

      • dweezer19 says:

        Oh…no head hes for me. I am nithing if not a good pacer when it comes to drinking at my age. I loathe hangivers. Ah! There it is. A great start to my hhhhate list. 😀

      • janeybgood says:

        I haven’t had one in a while but I have had some baaaad ones back in the day. Yes, that would go on plenty a hate list! 🙂 maybe your secrets for avoiding a hang over could be shared sometime too, eh?? 😄

      • dweezer19 says:

        😄Absolutely! Numero uno I’ll give you right now. Never pair hard liquor with sugar. If I have a mixed drink it will be with sugar free (but not much) sodas or just tonic and fresh fruit. It is actually the sugar that produces the nastiest headache hangover.

      • janeybgood says:

        Ooh that’s really useful! I do often mix my drinks with sugary mixers so I’ll try steer clear in future, although I never really drink anymore. I do have two weddings coming up though. Thanks for the advice 😀

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