The Hot Seat: Meet Mecia

Hey everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post asking for some ideas to help me with my writer’s block and wow did you guys give me a lot of ideas!

I’ve decided to make a feature where I will interview fellow bloggers. I’m going to call it The Hot Seat (I hope I’m not unintentionally copying someone by naming it that). Hopefully it will be a great way for you all to connect with even more people and spread the blog love


First up is the wonderful Mecia from NotQuiteLondon



Mecia is a beauty blogger who writes fantastic and helpful reviews. Check out her answers below and then head on over to her blog; you won’t regret it! 

Hi Mecia! That’s a lovely name, where is it from? 

Thank you. It’s Portuguese. I used to hate it purely because it’s so hard for people to pronounce it, sometimes I think being called Mary would be so much easier. 

You live in London. Tell us one thing you like and one think you dislike about living there.

Ok so my boyfriend had a go at me when I mentioned on my blog that I live in London. Its not strictly London it’s literally 30 mins outside, however as I am so close to it I refuse to budge and I am sticking to my guns because I am just too stubborn.

Anyway…….what I hate about London is the ridiculous amount of snobby people, I mean it doesn’t costs anything to be polite and these people just don’t get it. Also the way everyone packs the trains and underground is ridiculous and extremely smelly.

I love exploring London and my favourite place is Camden Market. It’s the perfect city to explore but the crowds can sometimes be a little off-putting. 

Describe your blog to potential readers. 

It’s a mixture of beauty and make up reviews. As well as the odd tag posts which I seem to be obsessed with. I also like to throw some skincare tips into the mix. 
Why did you choose to blog about beauty?

I love all aspects of beauty, particular skincare. It’s such a diverse industry that is constantly changing which makes it super exciting to blog about. I tend to blog about products that I love and that I hope other people will too.

In your blog, you discuss how it took you a while to muster up the courage to publish your blog. Why was this? 

I am was just nervous how my blog would be received. I didn’t want to be seen as yet another beauty blog, which is why I keep it as individual as possible. It’s a scary thought when you don’t know how other people will react to something that you’ve written so that was my biggest fear.

However I am so glad that I’ve done it, everyone has been super nice and the support has been beyond incredible. I definitely encourage everyone to do it.

What does your writing process consist of?

I am one of those people that doesn’t make lists or drafts. If I have an idea I just write it up, take some pics, edit and voila. I love writing and luckily it comes very natural to me, so the writing process is fairly easy and relaxed.

Who is your beauty and style inspiration? 

Oh lord, I wish I had a style inspiration because maybe I would dress a bit better haha. I have quite a relaxed approach when it comes to style so I love people like Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston. Those ladies always look amazing in jeans and a vest, which is me all over.

As far as a beauty inspiration I would have to say my mum, the woman never wears make up, her skin is flawless and all she wears is a moisturiser. She’s slightly crazy but if I have her gorgeous skin when I’m her age, I will be a very happy lady. On a more unrealistic scale I love and hate how beautiful Kim Kardashian is.


What are your desert island beauty products? 

Dry shampoo. Waterproof mascara. Burt Bees lip balm. Alpha H micro exfoliant.

Explain what your “spending ban” is. How has it been going? 

Ok so I had this great idea to ban myself from buying any make up for a whole month. I have so much that its getting out of control, half of it I haven’t even used yet which is just mad. So I decided to set myself this little challenge which quite frankly hasn’t been as bad as I thought. I have one more week to go and I am super proud I haven’t relapsed yet. It has made me realise that I buy make up just because I want things straight away, so I am going to use up what I already have first and then buy things that I only need.

What, in your opinion, is an absolute beauty no-no? 

Overdrawn eyebrows 2 shades darker than your skin and hair. Ladies, just no. It offends me and hurts my eyes. Eyebrows are sisters NOT twins!

What are your opinions on plastic surgery and Botox? 

Each to their own, if it makes you happy then do it. I personally wouldn’t do it coz I am too scared of ending up like Sylvester’s Stallone’s mum!


And now for some weird questions…

Would you prefer to be a talking elephant or a non-verbal house cat? 

Definitely a cat! They have such an easy life, and get everything done for them. I would specifically like to be a big fat ginger cat.

You must choose one of these: punch Hilary Clinton or bear-hug Donald Trump.

Can I punch both? Seriously I am not normally a violent person.

A world famous politician tells you a deep, dark secret. You could sell the information to a newspaper for half a million pounds. Do you?

I would sell it in a heartbeat. I hate politics and think that given the chance they too would sell information and betray their own kind. I am a very loyal person and would never betray my friends BUT politics is so corrupted these days that it’s hard to trust or feel sorry for any of them.

Thank you so much Mecia! 

Here are some of my favourite posts from Mecia’s blog: 

The importance of a good skincare routine

My trip to Dermalogica HQ

Spending ban (make up)

Stay tuned over the next few days for another interview with a fabulous blogger! 

27 thoughts on “The Hot Seat: Meet Mecia

  1. NotQuiteLondon says:

    I love it hun. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this😄. Can’t wait to see more interviews xx

  2. NotQuiteLondon says:

    Reblogged this on NotQuiteLondon and commented:
    Read my interview over at Cupid and Cats. The lovely Jane provided some awesome questions which were a lot of fun to answer 😊.

    Hope you guys enjoy it.
    Thank you to Jane for asking me x

  3. Carol says:

    A cat – excellent choice! Though I’m not so sure about the ginger part. I enjoyed the interview and think this is a great idea!! Maybe I’ll incorporate this concept on my blog. Food for thought 🙂

  4. amandalyle1986 says:

    The hot seat – I like it a lot!

    Great questions and answers… Overdrawn eyebrows are a definite NO! And don’t worry…I’d probably punch both Hilary and Donold, too… and then hug them after (I hate violence…)

    Can’t wait to jump into this hot seat… will work on my answers this weekend (with help from some rose wine!) 😉

  5. ABeautifulWhim says:

    This is such a great idea. I don’t know if you follow Karen from Confetti and Curves but she does something kind of similar. It’s such a great way for us newbie bloggers to get followers and start to establish relationships with people. OK, Now I have to go read your post on Mecia. I just tagged her in The Blog Tour so she’s got some press this work. =)

    • janeybgood says:

      Thank you! I’m a big fan of Karen and I read her brilliant interview with Mecia 🙂 It is a great way for people to connect and to find out more about each other. Mecia will be will able to handle it lol!

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