I have a very serious confession 

Okay *takes deep, intense breath*

Guys. I don’t really know how to tell you this. I know that this confession could potentially change the course of history. You will all be so mind blown that I’m straight up warning you that you will probably never feel the same about me again. I…I need to tell you guys something. I’m not proud of this but…it needs to be said. 

Okay. Okay. I can do this. *holds your hand*

My name is Jane (I’m not even going to laugh at the fact that my name autocorrected to the word “hand”). 

My name is Jane and….

I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. 

THERE, I SAID IT. I’m sorry, okay? It’s just that I like to let series end and then watch them the whole way through. I’ve done it with The Sopranos, The Wire and lots of other shows. Just…don’t judge me. We can still be friends, right? Anyway, I’m pretty sure GoT is basically this:



Why don’t you confess something to me and I’ll feel better? Like, Barry Gibb wasn’t your favourite Beegee or something? (If that’s true, there’s something wrong with you. He is majestic. MAJESTIC.)

Hair Goals



109 thoughts on “I have a very serious confession 

  1. markbialczak says:

    I’ve never seen a second of it, and don’t even pretend to understand what others are talking about when the banter effortlessly, Janey. No need for me to sing ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ by Barry and his less hair-favored brothers about it, I believe, though I know all the words by heart and could. 🙂

  2. Fannie Frankfurter says:

    I had the same notion about Game of Thrones for years until finally my curiosity got the best of me. I marathoned the whole series over about a month. I think my favorite aspects of the program are the costumes and set designs. The story lines were more interesting and there were fewer boobs than I expected.

    • janeybgood says:

      I am expecting it to be quite good. Ive heard great things. Like you, I want to marathon it. It’s the best way to watch a series! I was expecting a lot of boobs.

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I watched it…until last year, where I remembered today that I never finished last season. So, not sure if that is better or worse than your situation. 😀

    • janeybgood says:

      Ha, I have often just forgot about series while bang in the middle of them. I think it happens if you take a break from them for a while; it can be hard to just settle back in. You might get back to it 🙂

    • janeybgood says:

      I know! I tried finding it and all I get is grainy crap. I’ll just get a box set sometime! But I feel like I would need to clear a month off my calendar for it all.

  4. benjii1993 says:

    Haha, love the intro! I try watching one or two episodes, but I did not really like it. And thats weird, because I love movies/shows like GoT!

  5. cheergerm says:

    Well Hand, if there is a special camp for the likes of us, I will happily go there. I have briefly turned it on three times to see what the fuss Twas about. The first time someone was decapitated, the second was a majorly unattractive rudey scene along with a person being hunted down in the woods and the third was a baby being killed. Three reasons, especially the third, why I don’t watch GOT. (I watched all of True Blood and the gore didn’t bother me at all, maybe the real reason is that we are halfway through the entire series of Mad Men and cannot possibly commit to another long winded tv series.)

    • janeybgood says:

      Argh and double argh. I replied to this comment ages ago but it clearly didn’t publish. I like being called Hand; it makes me feel important 😀

      Geeze, all that sounds very intense. I guess you’d have to be in a certain frame of mind. I probably will give it a go at some stage, just not right now.

      Now Mad Men is a show I could get on board with! You’re right though, these shows do require a lot of time and commitment!

  6. dweezer19 says:

    Ummm….neither did I, even on the minths that we got free premium channels on our cable. What? Oh, my confession? I hated Twilight…well I saw the last film only because I worked on it for one day while they were filming in Louisiana. And the head vampire actor is so damn hot! I also don’t (hides behind the door) love, love, love ,love Taylor Swift. Running away now. Please don’t hate me. 😱

    • janeybgood says:

      I also don’t like Twilight although I have watched it for the comedy value. It is so unintentionally hilarious. It’s also cool that you worked on it!

      I like Taylor Swift but I certainly don’t love her. She seems nice and grounded but she can be slightly too peppy and ditzy for me. And her music is cheerful and fun but I don’t think I’ll be remembering it in forty years 😀

  7. patricksponaugle says:

    I’ve seen it all, but I’m totally fine with you waiting until it’s all done, to get caught up in a binge-watching mania. Or not, you’re allowed not to watch it.

    But the books and the show are really impressive.

  8. bmagpub says:

    Hi Jane. Thank you for sharing your story. My name is Brett, and I have not watched an episode of Game of Thrones for 5 seasons, and am resisting the temptation each day with the support of this group. And I like the Bee Gees. In fact, a neighbour called out the noise control at 9:30 on a Saturday night as a couple of friends and I were rocking out with the falsetto harmonies! Some people just need to get a life 🙂

    • janeybgood says:

      This has been very therapeutic for many of us. We’re in a safe space. I was preparing for the “YOU’VE NEVER SEEN GAME OF THRONES?!” comments but none came, so that’s nice 🙂
      Haha, you and your friends sound like me and my friends. Except we haven’t had noise control called lol!

  9. chrllrobb.blog says:

    I loved your intro! Got my attention. My husband and I read all five books. And seen some of the beginning of the series. I like fantasy books, but this one was quite a bit more. It was quite a bit more of sex and blood and murder than I expected. And the HBO series strayed away from the books after about the second season. The books were better. They were a lot of characters we liked and many more we hated. And the last book was hard to get through. And then the ending was a shocker in a lot of ways. And now we are torn between wanting to read the sixth book which is supposed to come out this year, ( I think) and not reading it.

    • janeybgood says:

      I feel like I should probably read the books first. I do prefer reading in a lot of ways. I had to always read the Harry Potter books first and they were so amazing.
      The GoT books look formidable but I will have summer holidays so maybe it’s a good idea to get started and then watch the TV show after. Maybe you should read the sixth book since you’ve come this far? I may not even get through the first one 🙂

      • chrllrobb.blog says:

        Yes the books are a little overwhelming at times. We did a lot of back tracking as the author kept introducing new characters. A lot. The last book especially was a bit drug out. We thought it was going to wrap up the tale. But it pretty much left you hanging. Sorry for the spoiler alert. We will most likely read the sixth book. I want to know what happened to some of my favorite characters. I was a little disappointed in the series. The very first one started out pretty much like the book, but changed pretty quickly. They strayed from the books quite a bit I thought. We tried to watch the series (when HBO was free) while we were still reading two or three books ahead of what was being shown. Made it too confusing. I would definitely read the books first, then watch to series. But be prepared. It is a lot of soft porn basically. Enjoy the books. 🙂

      • janeybgood says:

        A little soft porn never hurt anyone…or did it?! Haha! I think I will start off slowly and try the first book. I know that lots of my friends have the books so I wouldn’t even need to buy them. The whole thing will probably be done anyway by the time I get caught up 🙂 Thanks for telling me about them!

      • chrllrobb.blog says:

        Oh, I forgot to say that there is a lot of gore in these books too. If you are squeamish, you might want to think about that too. I hope you enjoy reading them. And I think you are wise in starting slow. And borrowing is even better than buying. 🙂

    • janeybgood says:

      I loved The Sopranos. I mourned the end of it so badly. It was amazing. I never got into Downton as much but I really should. Breaking Bad is on the to-do list too, but I’ve seen the first few episodes and I loved it.

      • lexborgia says:

        It took me two over 2yrs to finish episode one, after that it became quite gripping but not easier thanks to a person named Skyler White – just saying her name leaves me in a mess; that ‘thing’, I call her, she will nag and grind you down do a nub…five seasons long, man’s toughest ordeal: survive her and you’re invincible. What a nagging bitch that is. Anna Gunn (the actress) got it spot on. Great show.
        Shame Tony Soprano had to go, but he took AJ with him, thank God: what a pu**y. Downton is good…grows on you.

      • janeybgood says:

        Oh Skyler. I know, I know. I’ve only seen bits and pieces but Jesus, what an annoying bitch.
        I keep forgetting that James Gandolfini died. He was a great actor. The last episode was just genius. It would have been great to see AJ gunned down, but what can you do?! Although I really hated Carmela too.
        I must give Downton another shot.

  10. eloisedesousa says:

    Lol! I find it rather difficult to watch and only do so because the Hubble constantly bugs me to watch it with him! It is definitely not one of my favourite shows and I have to confess…I’ve never watched the Sopranos or The Wire!!

  11. Oloriel says:

    I have not seen a single episode, and am not planing either!
    I can’t think of a confession that might be proper, but here is a fun fact:
    My husband wanted to be mega romantic one day so he bought The Notebook for us to watch. Fast forward to the end of the movie and he is crying. I am not. He actually got mad at me for not crying at the ending of the movie 🙂

    • janeybgood says:

      Haha, that made me laugh! The Notebook was sweet but has just been so overdone at this stage. I think there’s much more romantic movies out there. The opening scene of “Up” gets me every time 😦

  12. A Cookbook Collection says:

    Oh thank God I’m not the only one!!! I’ve seen bits because himself watches it religiously but I’ve no interest in it. And on nights out when everyone there is talking about it, I can’t even pretend to be interest. My eyes glaze over and I go my happy place……
    I’ve also never seen The Notebook or Gladiator and I hated Lord of the Rings. I feel so much better now 🙂

    • janeybgood says:

      Ugh, it’s frustrating when there’s something on and you’ve no interest in it. I tend to go on facebook or my blog and he’ll be telling me “it’s really good, I swear. Watch this part!” Ha!
      The Notebook is okay. Gladiator has a beautiful soundtrack and Joaquín Phoenix’s acting is very good but definitely an overrated film. And I’m not really a huge Lord of the Rings fan either. Phew. That does feel good! 😀

  13. amandalyle1986 says:

    I used to have a crush on Pat Sharp (from 90’s kids TV show, Funhouse…please tell me you remember this!) *Breathes a sigh of relief* I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better now…Jane… so, Jane is your real-life name? For real, for real?

    • janeybgood says:

      Oh my God… PAT SHARP! Totally forgot about him haha Amanda. Whatever floats your boat I guess 😂
      No, my name is…I should so make a game out of this haha!

      • amandalyle1986 says:

        Haha. I also had a thing for Peter Andre! (Which is kinda acceptable,I think?)

        Oh, my head hurts! I have no idea if you’re name is Janey or not now. *confused face*

      • janeybgood says:

        Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t 🙂 Okay, it definitely isn’t. My friend and I are going on a road trip at the weekend and then a hen party and we were thinking of recording a video because when we get together it’s crazy. No doubt she’ll say my name multiple times. If it’s not completely hideous and annoying, I might upload some of it 😀
        Also, I was kinda borderline obsessed with Peter Andre 😉

  14. Patrice says:

    I watched one episode and that was it. I get it why men like it (boobs, butts and sex) but no idea what women see it in. Not that I’m against those things, but it was a bit much that wasn’t needed for the story.

    • janeybgood says:

      Ha, I’ve heard this. Gratuitous nudity doesn’t particularly offend me but if it’s not necessary to the plot then it would get a little annoying. I’m thinking I’ll read the books first 🙂

  15. V says:

    I read the books first, and even though I think Game of Thrones is amazing TV, to someone like yourself I’d recommend the book series first. Up until this point (Season 5), I knew what was coming because I’d already read it, but I was still enthralled by the show. The show itself is very clever, with great writing, characters and performances. I don’t get the uproar over the nudity and violence to be honest; it’s HBO. Plus the betrayal, general backstabbery and murder all go along with the medieval theme. The incest can be a little… icky, but it’s actually a lot worse in the books IMO.

    And now for my confession: I don’t like Dr. Who. 😀 I’ll hand in my official sci-fi geek card at the door on my way out.

    • janeybgood says:

      My favourite show ever is The Wire, so I don’t mind violence or sex or any of that jazz. It’s more that I don’t want to be disappointed because people love it so much. I know that sounds silly, but I feel like if I watch it and hate it, it’ll be a waste of time. I don’t imagine that I would hate it though. HBO usually do great shows.
      I think I will read the books first. I’ll probably know by them whether I would actually watch the show. My friend was so excited when I spoke to her about borrowing the books. She was like “I wish I was in your position so that I could read them for the first time again” so they must be pretty good haha.
      Oh, I don’t like it either. I never could get into it. I feel bad, because fans are very dedicated to it. I’m imagining Sheldon Cooper gasping at us right now 🙂

      • V says:

        It’s not silly at all! I totally get you, because that’s how I actually felt about The Wire. Everyone was so effusive about it, and all my friends were calling it the best thing they’ve seen on TV, so I hesitantly gave it a shot. Glad I did! It’s still one of my all time favs. I guarantee you though, you’ll know by the end of the very first episode of GoT if it’s for you or not. It’s the best first episode of a series I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t help but think, “Ooh. This gonna be good.” 😀

        Ha! I know exactly how your friend feels! Though to be honest, I’ll probably end up re-reading the series when the date for the next book’s release is announced. There’s so much to remember, and so much I’ve already forgotten. There’s a lot going on in the books and I know a few people have struggled with them, but you’ll breeze through. Cuz you are so smart. SMRT.

        I feel bad about Who, too. Lots of people have told me to give it a try but I just can’t get through an episode. 😮 I’m glad I’m not alone though. I will henceforth refer to us as geeks with standards.

      • janeybgood says:

        The Wire for very slow moving and initially I almost gave up on it. I’m so glad I didn’t because some of the story lines were just fantastic. It will be a tough show to top for me.
        I definitely have nothing to lose by watching the first episode of GoT so! I think the summer will be a good time to catch up with it.
        When it comes to reading, I can get impatient. My friends kill me for skipping bits or going to the end haha. Maybe not so smrt.
        Yep, geeks with standards. No Dr. Who and no pocket protectors. Score!

      • V says:

        Oh noes! You skip to the end! 😮 I remember doing that once, to check and make sure my favourite character wasn’t killed off, and I discovered by mistake that pretty much everyone dies, and so I decided there was no point in even bothering to read it. It was a sad day. 😡

        Can’t even remember what the book was called. But I TELL YOU! I remember the lesson. It’s kind of hard not to do sometimes though, isn’t it?

        Summer would be a good time to binge a series or two, alright. Anything else you’re thinking of checking out? Have you seen Orphan Black? I defo recommend that.

      • janeybgood says:

        I know. I always regret it. I did it once when I was reading one of the best books I’ve ever read and I ruined it so I feel your pain. I do try not to do it now but I am quite an impatient reader.
        There’s actually so many series that I haven’t seen. I think I’d like Orange is the New Black. I haven’t seen Orphan Black but the name sounds intriguing. I’ll check it out, thanks for the suggestion!

  16. ifollowislands says:

    Jaysus, what a confession, no wonder you’ve kept this hidden for so long! But your reasons are valid, I like to marathon tv shows, too, and only start watching one if there’s at least 3-4 seasons to keep me happy for a while. GoT is brilliant entertainment, has epic film locations and a very witty humour, so seriously, watch it! Word of warning: If you get scared quickly and don’t like horror films watch the first 10min of the pilot with your partner! I really got freaked out and had nightmares for a while.

    Oh, and here’s my confession: I have a huuuge crush on David Giuntoli aka Nick Burkhardt from the tv show Grimm – even though he’s butchering the German language 😉

    • janeybgood says:

      Ha, I’m glad you understand. Well, I have plenty of them to catch up with now 🙂 It does sound very entertaining and there’s a reason it’s critically acclaimed, I’m sure. I actually quite enjoy horror films, but I don’t like too much gore. I’m sure it’ll be okay, although I don’t like the thought of possibly nightmares ha!
      Ooh, he’s cute! He has nice eyes! Totally normal crush 🙂

      • ifollowislands says:

        Haha, ok, glad to hear! If you enjoy horror films then you should be ok, however there is quite a bit of gore in GoT, especially during season 1 :-/ that sometimes put me off watching it because I like the story and everything but it feels like too much blood and violence in certain episodes and some scenes still ‘haunt’ me. I’m watching Under The Dome now, based on a book by Stephen King, and that is quite cool, you should check it out!

      • janeybgood says:

        I’ve heard of it. It sounds good, and I usually like Stephen King adaptations. I feel like I hardly have time for all the TV when in reality, I have plenty of time for it 😀

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