Blog Revamp 

Today I decided to do a little blog spring clean. Since my blog was becoming crazier than this picture of Christina Aguilera….

Seriously, imagine trying to maintain a straight face while talking to THAT

…I felt that something needed to be done. Here’s a run through of the changes I made:

  • I changed the theme because I like to mix sh*t up. I also added a header image of an owl because I’m partial to a few good owls now and again, like most people. 
  • I laboriously put each of my posts into a category which you can now find in my sidebar. Some of you may point out that I should have been doing this all along and some of you would be right. Some of you should also shut up. 
  • I added a new page with my contact details to my blog as well as adding my Twitter and Facebook to my Gravatar so that we can become even closer. I don’t know…I just…I feel like we’re drifting apart. *Holds you*
  • I also picked some of my own personal favourite posts for new readers or visitors of my blog who don’t feel like scrolling through nineteen months of mayhem and added them to a new page at the top. Look up. No, not at your ceiling. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. 

So, while I made these cosmetic changes to my blog (she’s like a young, plastic, blonde mistress now), I would also like to add that I have plenty of new ideas so stay tuned, watch this space and lots of other cheesy clichés.

If you would like to guest post, collaborate or even if you have some ideas for me, you can email me at I love working with other bloggers and I am so fo…


Focused. I’m focused.

Anyway, thank you for following Cupid or Cats. Your kindness made the last three hours of blog cleaning bearable…*sweeps smashed laptop screen under table with foot*

34 thoughts on “Blog Revamp 

  1. dapplegrey says:

    Like it! Unfortunately as I read your blog on my phone, your owl is reduced to just a tantalising glimpse of wing-tip (unless I rotate the screen). Would have missed said owl altogether if you hadn’t drawn attention to the dear thing. What a lot of work this blog spring-cleaning is – but well done, looks great, well worth it!

    • janeybgood says:

      I read mostly on my phone too so I’m only getting a little owl, but the important thing is, he’s there!
      Thanks, it was painstaking but definitely worth it!

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