Embarrassing Photo Tag

Ritu took part in Embarrassing Photo Tag with me, check her out, she’s a beaut! πŸ™‚

But I Smile Anyway...

Ok, so we might be mad, but my BlogPal Janey atCupid or Catsand I had a really spectacular(-ly silly!) idea on one conversation we had after reading one of her posts regarding the fact that most kids nowadays don’t get to go through the geeky tween/teen years, instead, going from cute kid to almost perfect made up teen… Thanks to all the media coverage about appearance.

But you know what, if you haven’t gone through the embarrassing stage, there’s a huge part of your character you haven’t built! And with this in mind, we thought what a great idea to dig out and post embarrassing pics of ourselves. Have a giggle yourself at your uncomfortable tween/teen self, and give others a laugh too!!

I’m linking this back to Janey’s original postEmbarrassing Photo Tag!

Just to make it fun, and to spread the giggles, I will tag…

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