Embarrassing Photo Tag

Ritu took part in Embarrassing Photo Tag with me, check her out, she’s a beaut! ๐Ÿ™‚

But I Smile Anyway...

Ok, so we might be mad, but my BlogPal Janey atCupid or Catsand I had a really spectacular(-ly silly!) idea on one conversation we had after reading one of her posts regarding the fact that most kids nowadays donโ€™t get to go through the geeky tween/teen years, instead, going from cute kid to almost perfect made up teenโ€ฆ Thanks to all the media coverage about appearance.

But you know what, if you havenโ€™t gone through the embarrassing stage, thereโ€™s a huge part of your character you havenโ€™t built! And with this in mind, we thought what a great idea to dig out and post embarrassing pics of ourselves. Have a giggle yourself at your uncomfortable tween/teen self, and give others a laugh too!!

Iโ€™m linking this back to Janeyโ€™s original postEmbarrassing Photo Tag!

Just to make it fun, and to spread the giggles, I will tagโ€ฆ

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