Embarrassing Photo Tag

As often is the case, I got chatting to one of my blog buddies in the comments section of my previous post and we came up with a potentially terrible/brilliant idea! Ritu (from the wonderful But I Smile Anyway) and I decided that it would be just a fabulous idea for us all to share some photos from our teenage/awkward years so we can all laugh at with each other.
The plan is this:

-I’m going to heroically share some of my awkward pictures with you all. I’ve had a difficult time finding pictures since I’m about three hundred kilometres from my childhood home and my carrier pigeon is currently on strike (damn unions) but I was able to dig up some pretty cringe-inducing pictures.

-I’m going to tag three people to continue this trend. Of course, participation is completely optional and I’ll only silently be disappointed if you don’t partake. *sobs in the shower*

-I’m going to text a donation to an Irish charity since I figure something good should come out of all of this (you know, besides our collective shame).

So here goes:
I apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures. But hey, nobody’s perfect…except for the wrestler, Mr. Perfect.

Here is my class picture from primary school. I was either 12 or 13 here, I can’t remember. You can tell I was totally cool and ghetto because I’m wearing a wooly pink jumper that says ‘New York’ and my arm is looped through my friends arm in a show of non-conformist unity. I also had yet to be introduced to a hair straightener. Or a hair brush. #swag


This next picture is from a phase I like to call “black eyeliner? That is sooo passΓ©. Gold all the way cause I’m a baller.” I also had trouble taking a good picture….


….glad that phase has passed:


Moving swiftly on…
This photo was taken on one of my first nights in a pub. You can tell I’m cool cause I’m holding some alco-pop and revelling in my adultivity. The style I was going for was “maternity-wear/bad tan/ghetto hoop earrings” and I think I totally nailed it. Just look at the fake tan between my fingers. Like, ew.


The next picture is very blurry, but I’m sixteen years old and basically….Jack and I were the ’03 Bonnie and Clyde. Pfft, Jay Z and Beyonce. Look at us, how much attitude can one photo have? (This is also the first in a long line of photos that show me sans eyebrows since I got a little pluck-happy with my tweezers. What do eyebrows even do anyway?) I also bleached the crap out of my hair so I had to cut it because I looked like a scarecrow.




Seriously, NO EYEBROWS.

After a few years of looking like this:

Sweet Dreams.

…I decided that something, nay, ANYTHING, needed to be done…so I drew on some super black eyebrows which really complimented my bleached-to-f**k hair:

Note: Jack is going to kill me for this but like I tell him, spider hair is cool, right? RIGHT?
Here I am recently, totally throwing shade at teenage Jane:


Then I cut my own fringe and made this face:


I legit went out with underwear on my head and a whistle and for the life of me, I can’t recall why…other than suspected acid trip.*


Then there was the time Jack sat on me and I was the definition of crestfallen:


And that’s pretty much all I could find. I mean, there are lots of embarrassing ones of my right now but you guys don’t want to see those….amiright?! *laughs awkwardly*

So now I’m going to tag three people to continue this trend of awkward photo sharing. Ladies, you do not have to take part but hey, we’re all friends here! You may have even done something like this before. So without further ado, I nominate:

Ritu from But I Smile Anyway since this was your idea and you’re totally up for it!

Amanda from insidethelifeofmoi because rainbow eyeshadow. Nuff said.

Julie from Random Musings From a Type-A Workaholic because you’re bags of fun!

Also, I donated €4 to Dogs Trust because…well, dogs!


*Just kidding kids. Just say no…there’s no hope with dope…and so forth.


40 thoughts on “Embarrassing Photo Tag

  1. amandalyle1986 says:

    This is an AMAZING idea…but…there is no way in HELL I am putting my embarrassing pictures up for all to see. The very thought has sent me into a spot of hyperventilation. Someone pass me a fan, quick! I don’t think anyone is ready to see my rainbow painted eyelids. EEEEkkk!…Okay, okay… stop sobbing. I’ll think about it. Yes, it’s a MAYBE… *thinks* I hope she forgets.

    So, where do I start… This made me laugh on so many levels. The bleached-crap-out-of-hair look – TICK! The where-are-my-eyebrows? look – TICK … the 03′ Bonnie and Clyde… Oh yes! The cut-my-own-fringe-but-failed-miserably – Also a TICK!

    You must be my kindred spirit of the blogging world, surely?

    Anyway, thank you for nominating me *Mortified face*

    AWESOME post and even more AWESOME-R photos!

  2. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    This is amazing XD
    YOU AND JACK LOOK/ARE SO COOL TOGETHER πŸ˜€ see? You are definitely going to rule the world. *bows down*

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