My Pet Peeves

I recently posted a list of my favourite things which made me look all cheerful and amiable. The truth is, I can be a bit of a crank. The smallest things get on my nerves. And because everyone is being all happy and festive and stuff, I decided to get in touch with my inner Scrooge because bah humbug. So without further ado, here’s a list of things that make me want to poke people with forks:

1. Bad Drivers

Before I get into my car, I’m as cheerful as a meerkat. But then I start driving and I realise that there are a lot of terrible drivers out there. People don’t signal, they have brake lights out, they can’t park properly…I’m going to stop because my blood is probably approaching boiling point and I need my blood for living. In every other aspect of my life, I’m polite and tolerant but when I’m driving, I have all the murderous tendencies. Although, this is also a possibility:


2. When I’m trying to get the attention of a salesperson and they ignore me

I was standing in a pharmacy that I shall not name (it rhymes with ‘hoots’ and begins with the letter b) and I was trying to buy my lovely boyfriend some cologne because he smells (not really, I just like sniffing aftershave off his face. Don’t judge me). It was locked in a glass case so I stood there for eternity trying to get the sales lady to notice me. She seemed to be approaching me several times, but it turned out that she was actually helping all the other shoppers around me. Like literally, anyone but me. I actually started wondering if I had actually died on my way to the pharmacy (possibly because of all the terrible drivers out there) and was now completely invisible, just like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. As I stood there, contemplating whether I should start removing articles of clothing in order to draw some kind of attention to myself, the lady finally acknowledged me. When she asked me if I was okay, it took all my strength not to reply “yes, I just like making awkward eye contact with sales clerks and then wallowing in self pity when they ignore me because I’m just really bored with my life.” Instead I just pointed towards the Armani fragrance that I wanted and questioned my life choices again.

Also, add to this- when the shop keeper puts my change on the counter instead of into my outstretched hand. *Narrows eyes*

3. When seemingly everyone loves something/someone and you just don’t get it

This seems to be the story of my life. The best example I can think of right now is the actor Channing Tatum. All of my friends think he is gorgeous and I just don’t see it. I would never call someone unattractive but I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. I also think he’s a pretty mediocre actor. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but seriously, what’s the big deal? Channing, if by any chance you are reading this, don’t cry, you’re a good dancer so there’s that.

All I see is a giant potato with ears. Sorry Channing. *whispers* but you’re a great dancer.

4. When someone deliberately dumbs them self down

I used to have this friend in college who was one of the most articulate and intelligent people you could ever meet. I had some of the most interesting conversations of my life with her. When a guy or a group of people arrived on the scene, though, she turned into a giggling, inarticulate mess. She would twirl her hair and say ridiculous things like “oh, I thought Louis Pasteur invented milk” or “I thought that was the capital of Africa?” Yes, really. And you know what? If she has really been that ignorant, I could have coped. But to deliberately try and look silly in order to appear “cute” or “ditzy” just annoyed the hell out of me. It was hard enough to be taken seriously by our male colleagues without her Paris Hilton act so her immature silliness really didn’t help. When I asked her about it one day, she actually admitted to it and confessed that she does it because “guys don’t like to feel intellectually threatened by women.” I don’t understand why some people feel they have to change who they are to appear attractive to the opposite sex. I mean, look at me, I’m certifiably insane and even I have a boyfriend. So there’s hope for everyone.

I know this doesn’t apply to all guys but rocks stars marry models, not theoretical physicists.

5. Mean people

Okay, so this is far too broad a point and I should probably be more specific. I mean, aren’t we all a little mean sometimes? And isn’t this post just one giant exercise in meanness? Actually, I hope it doesn’t come across like that. I’m just a normal (stop laughing) person who gets a little irritable sometimes. Most of the time I’m quite nice. I’m talking about those people who just come across as constantly aggressive and mean-spirited. The thing is, these people seem to succeed quite a lot at this whole life malarkey. I support anyone who aims to be more confident and assertive, but these attributes are all too often confused with just being downright selfish and nasty. While you should stand up for yourself and your beliefs, you should always show tolerance and empathy towards others. Being sassy and a smart-ass is funny and all, but if your actions are hurting other people or you’re being inconsiderate, then it’s time to check yourself. You can be confident and kind.

*Finger snap*

6. When I can’t open things

I am ridiculously clumsy with my hands. Which means I struggle constantly to open things. I’m like a bear who can’t get its head into a jar of Nutella: frustrated. Honestly, it took me over eight minutes to open a tub of butter today.

Without Jack, I’d probably be wasting away in a corner somewhere. Maybe I should cut off my hands and replace my fingers with knives?

Don’t hold back guys, get it off your chests! What grinds your gears?

31 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves

  1. amandalyle1986 says:

    Hahaha! This made my evening. And I am totally with you on the Channing thing! I look at him and all I see is a potato glaring back at me! I’m sorry to those die hard fans out there… *hides*

  2. dweezer19 says:

    Ummm….I’ve said before but I’ll say it again. You and Ia re soul sisters.
    1)i don’t get it either. Channing Tatum? Now if you want to feel all squishy for the not too bright captain of the football team, the one woth no neck and few articulate words, then yeah I guess he’s cute. But sexy, yalented and to die for? Nope.
    2) why anyone, guy or girl, doesn’t get that doing ANYthing to change themselves in order to be attractive to someone without undergoing a life changing epiphany or full on labotomy first, is kidding themselves. How many divorces are looming in the horizon due to one or the other person “changing” into something unrecognizable (except to themselves and close friends) AFTER the vows?
    3) mean people. Well I own dozens of books, have many gray hairs and had to have my own epiphany to move beyond that problem. Nothing could set me off quicker. It takes so much energy to be mean.
    Nice list Janey. But I wouldn’t waste much energy on bad drivers. They Re not going away! Lol

    • janeybgood says:

      We are totally soul sisters!
      That’s exactly how I feel about Channing Tatum. I don’t see any humour or charisma. He’s a very bland actor. He seems like a nice guy though and I doubt he’s losing too much sleep over me :p
      You’re very right about people changing and then becoming themselves after wedding vows. You can’t pretend forever.
      I can’t deal with aggressive people. I’ve never really been able to. I can stand up for myself but I prefer to just walk away.
      And you’re right, bad drivers will be around as long as we have mechanically propelled vehicles 😀

  3. Oloriel says:

    This feels like I wrote it, minus number #1 because I dont have a licence, nor a car.
    And I never heard of Chaning Tatum before, but whoever he is,looks like nothing special. I prefer the mentioned Bruce anytime!
    Oh, and do you ever get tempted to ask those clerks why? Why do you throw the coins to the counter? Is my hand invisible? -_-

  4. Ralph says:

    I am with you with all your peeves especially opening things ! My peeve is >>>>>


    Plastic bags impossible to open.
    Check out closes after queueing for 15 minutes.
    Letting a person behind go before you who has two items, who places the items on the counter then walks off to do the shopping, returns with items with no bar code.
    Check out girl puts eggs and cakes at the bottom of the plastic bag with cans and bottles on top.
    A trolley/cart full of my shopping on the counter and the girl asks, “How many plastic bags do you want sir ?” Duh !
    etc. etc.

    I need a personal shopper !

  5. Your Moderate Mama says:

    I hate Christmas cards but only because I feel guilty that I have not taken the time to dress my family up… take a picture they all hate taking… buy cards… write a sweet note. .. lick… address…. return address and stamp one Christmas card in 7 years!!

    • janeybgood says:

      I have seen that seems to be an American practice; we don’t do the whole family Christmas card here! It sounds sweet but my family would never have gone for it. Merry Christmas!

  6. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I’m with you on #3, especially with music and authors. Like what you want, but don’t tell me I am wrong for not liking the same! 🙂

  7. The Resurgent Bookworm says:

    Wonderful post ! 😀 Especially the dumbing down part – I’ve seen that happen a 1000 times. Not only do some pretend to be silly but they also suddenly lose all their strength and cannot even lift a book 😐 Whats with that ?
    And the 6th Sense reference is awesome 🙂

  8. Rachel says:

    I really hate when people ask you pointless questions or questions they already think they know the answer to
    Such as ‘where is your mother’ as soon as she leaves the room, when its obvious she’s probably just gone to the toilet or something. Bottom line is I DON’T CARE where she is exactly. She’s around somewhere 🙂
    And also asking my opinion and then completely disagreeing with me. Why ask if you seemingly knew the answer already?!
    Of course I never say anything bc I hate starting arguments with people who cant argue below a roar! And this has just become a post about my dad lol

    Your post made me smile, I have to say I’m guilty when it comes to Channing Tatum but the person who I don’t understand everyone’s love for is Robert Pattinson! I just don’t see it! And while I can see Liam Hemsworth is good looking I don’t find him attractive either and my sister thinks I’m crazy 🙂 Chris Hemsworth is SO much hotter! ;D

  9. floridaborne says:

    1. Drivers seem to get worse around the holidays. It’s like someone sprinkled fairy dust in their eyes.
    2. Unfortunately, I turn into number 5 when a sales person does the planned-ignoring thing. Yes, I’ve interrupted and said, “You knew I was there, and this is the 4th person you’ve served ahead of me. When you finish with this guy, see me or I go to your supervisor.” And sometimes I simply go to the supervisor.
    3. I happen to agree with you. I don’t get the attraction, either. And, yes, I may be old but I’m not dead. 🙂
    4. Maybe it’s like stuttering. When she’s around a man she starts dummering?
    5. I had a boss like that, and a couple of jealous co-workers. It sucks when you have to take that kind of verbal abuse. But lest you think I’m immune to being mean, see answer #2. 🙂
    6. Tapping the top on a hard surface can help loosen it up, and there are kitchen accessories that can be used. That said, there have been times when I actually break down and cook something.

    Great post. 🙂

  10. adventuresofeponine says:

    Channing Tatum is not cute.

    1. I hate people who take the elevator to go up 1 floor or down 2. For some reason they are always in the elevator with me when I’m in a hurry.

    2. I hate valley girl-type accents, especially by women who are clearly in their late 20s or older.

    3. People who talk while working out at the gym. If you can talk, youre not working hard enough!

    4. People at work who tell me about stupid shit that I don’t care about … Like how they are going to a wedding or whatever. I don’t even ask them for information – they seek me out to tell me.

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