All the Awards

Aw, you guys. So I’ve been letting some awards pile up because, well, lazy. Then I realised I was drowning in a metaphorical sea of awards and possibly looking very ungrateful, which of course I’m not. So pull up and a seat and lets do this thing!

My last awards post was back in June (I think) so I’ve just went to my “About Me” section and I’m going to accept any awards I’ve gotten since then. If I forget or let anyone out, it’s because I’m an idiot and I give you complete permission to “pfft” at me right now. Okay, we good? Good.

The first award I shall accept is the Quintet of Excellence Award from the wonderful Cheryl over at Tropical Affair. I wanted to mention Cheryl because she has been one of the kindest people that I have connected with and her blog is just a wonderful place to get lost in. I want to say a big thank you Cheryl for your loyalty as a reader of my own blog and also for your wonderfully inspiring blog.
The Quintet Award requires you to use the letters of the alphabet to describe yourself, which I did previously here.
As for nominations? Well, I’ll make it simple. If you are reading this and you follow my blog, then please accept this award because I love you for following me. If I make up a list, I’ll inevitably leave someone out and I don’t want anyone crying/sticking pins in Jane effigies. So honestly, go to my quintet post, steal my pictures and TAKE IT!

The second award is The Very Inspiring Blogger Award which was given to me by OpinionatedDuck, now SJ who now blogs at Delirious Antidotes.


I have been absent a lot lately, and so have just caught up with SJ’s new blog but I can say with great confidence that if you check this blog out, you won’t regret it. SJ is not only intelligent and articulate but also funny. We’ve had some gas conversations! Thanks SJ ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob over at weight2lose2013 also nominated me for this award. I’ve included him in my list below because he’s really a great blogging buddy. Thanks Rob!

I’m going to write a list of bloggers that inspire me. If you choose to accept this as an award, great! But really, I just want the following to know that I have been inspired by you and you have helped me in my own writing, whether you know it or not. If I forget anyone, it’s because…look over there…*runs away*…

I’ve already mentioned you Cheryl but I couldn’t make this list without including you. Your blog is wonderful and your stories are so rich in vibrant imagery. Check her out at Tropical Affair.

One of my all time (Kanye voice: Of all time, ALL TIME) favourite bloggers is Amanda over at Inside the Life of Moi. We share a very similar sense of humour and her blog has been a huge inspiration to me. If for some weird reason you are not following her, then you really should be. She’s honestly one of the best bloggers out there and you’ll soon be hooked on her hilarious yet heartwarming posts. I also have an award to accept from her which makes it sound like she bribed me…but she didn’t *winks at Amanda*. No really, she’s great.

Another AMAZING female blogger is the hilarious Julie over at Musings from a Workaholic. It’s been a while since Jules and I have chatted but I wanted you to know that your rant-a-riffic posts often inspired my own rants. You’re also hilarious Julie and I hope all is well in your world.

Mother Hen over at Mother Hen Diaries…what can I say? Have you ever just known someone who is practically your twin? And in some alternate reality, we probably are twins. She is equally as random and cray cray as I am and I adore her for it. If you check out her blog, you’ll see this for yourself. And you’ll love her as much as I do.

Next is a blogger that I’m in quite frankly in awe of. She’s a young’un who has her head very firmly screwed on. She has a wonderful writing style; she’s both funny and articulate and has understandably garnered quite a following. Z, you haven’t just inspired me, I’m sure you’ve been a hugely positive influence over anyone reading your blog. Guys, check her out over at Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens.

There are few people on here who I’ve met that have been kinder and Warner than Lisa Macy. I haven’t spoken to Lisa in a while but I just wanted you to know that you were one of the people on here that inspired me with your positivity and humanity, so thank you so much.

I must also include Rob from weight2lose2013. Rob’s blog is so eclectic and Rob himself is not only a witty writer but he’s also a talented musician. He’s a bit of an all-rounder really. He’s also a genuinely very nice person so you won’t regret connecting with him on his blog. Many a time he has made me laugh out loud which is no easy task. Okay, it’s a very easy task but he’s still hilarious.

Another brilliant blogger that I simply adore is Trent Lewin. I really can’t heap enough praise on him as a writer. He is one of the most talented word smiths that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Seriously, his pieces will stay with you a long time after you’ve read them. I’ve found myself troubled, touched and awed at his writing. It’s fantastic.

Speaking of talented, Melanie over at Wordifull writes poetry that just evokes so much emotion in me that I can’t quite put it into words. I think her poetry would appeal to anyone who has an appreciation for honesty and rawness. It’s perfect. On the very rare occasions that I have written poetry, it has been inspired by you Melanie, so thank you.

I also want to mention the fantastic David Ellis from Too Full to Write. David is one of the lucky ones who knows my real name ๐Ÿ˜€ Seriously though, David is a great poet who has helped me find my inner muse and we have had some fun collaborating all over the shop. He’s a great guy and his poetry is fantastic. Thanks for helping me write David!

Aisha over The Hashtag Generation (aside: what a great blog name!) has a blog where you could just while (wile? While?) away the hours pouring through the wonderful posts. It’s a really fun blog run by someone very intelligent and perceptive. I love this blog!

Sean, I’m not going to say anything soppy cause that’s not how you roll but…screw it, I miss you. And I love your blog. There, I said it. Don’t leave us for too long.

When I’m having a bad day, which seems to be a lot lately (waits for your tears…keeps waiting) I go to Cats at the Bar for all my LOLs. Because, cats. And not just any cats, articulate, adorable, sassy cats. This is a site that is funny and clever, so now you need to go check it out and get lost in a world of cats. Which is not a bad world to get lost in really.

Beth over at I Didn’t Have My Glasses On rules. She really does. Her blog is brilliant; she’s exactly the kind of blogger I wish I was but I’ll settle for being a huge fan instead. She’s deservedly very popular so if you check her out you’ll be one of the cool kids. Thanks for the inspiration Beth.

Minnie, I have to give you a shoutout because you’re another talented and creative individual that has influenced me in a very positive way. I love how artsy and cool your blog is. I hope some of my followers will check you out and see what I mean!

If you had to ask me what my two favourite things are, I would say humour and food. So when a blog combines both of these things, I’m a fan for life. Head on over to Cheergerm to see what I’m talking about. Great blog and I’ve been inspired to make some very yummy food ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t know how Ben will feel about all these lovely kind words but his blog is delightfully sardonic, and hey, under all the gooey crap, aren’t we all a bit bitter? Have a gander at his blog and see for yourself how gas this guy is: Ben’s Bitter Blog. P.S. Ben, I almost typed “Ben’s Butter Blog” which would also be an amazing blog so you might wanna buy that URL before someone inevitably does.

I have to mention Eileen over at eileenwrites. That’s a link to a wonderful poem written by her, but also I just want you to know that your comments always put a smile on my face and I really appreciate you Eileen! Seriously, I’m glad to have connected with you and this poem is so simple yet brilliant. I’m putting it on my fridge ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m fascinated by the lovely Evie over at Girlseule. She writes with more honesty than I ever could. I really wish I had the guts to write the way she does. Evie, you have been a big influence on me because I love your writing style and I think we’re actually very similar people. Your blog is entertaining, witty, perceptive and fantastically frank. You’ve also been a loyal reader of my blog and I really appreciate it.

When you read these thirty random facts about Melanie over at I Follow Islands, you will love her blog as much as I do. Melanie, we should never EVER play each other at Monopoly but other than that, I think we’d be great friends ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay guys, I have to stop. If this was the Oscars, the music would’ve started playing and security would be edging closer and closer to the stage. I could actually have gone on here but I’ve been writing this post on my phone for….*looks at watch…realises I’m not wearing a watch….looks at clock* THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Seriously. Mama Mia! I just want to say that all the bloggers I have listed above are wonderful. I’ve been a bit ill recently so I haven’t been able to catch up with all my favourite blogs but I know these guys would appreciate it if you popped in and said hello. Or else they’ll chase you away with a chainsaw…either way, you’ve got a story to tell.

Am I done? Aw hell nope! The next award I shall accept is The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award.


This was given to me by the lovely blog Drown in Melancholy. She’s a great blogger and I particularly love her bucket list. Have a read of it, it’s great!

Ladies, if I had to nominate more people, I’m pretty sure I’d end up sunken over my desk like Edgar Allen Poe so again, just take it. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD IN THE WORLD, TAKE IIIIIT!

Next up is the Sunshine Award. I love this award!


This was given to me by the lovely Aisha over at The Hashtag Generation who you’re already following because I already included a link to her blog…right? RIGHT? Well, if you didn’t listen to me then, listen to me now. Here’s her lovely blog: The Hashtag Generation.
Thanks Aisha!

Finally, the lovely Amanda nominated
me for an award I hadn’t gotten soiwasactuallygoingtostealithahanotreallybutactuallyreally. It’s the One Lovely Blog Award:


Isn’t it lovely? I’ve mentioned Amanda above but I just want to reiterate my fondness for her blog and also mention that I’m the secret president of her fan club. Thanks a thousand Amanda!

Man, I think that’s it. I think I made it. Now, I know I cheated a little. I didn’t nominate people for every award. Technically, I’m nominating all of you. Because if you’re following my blog, you’re clearly good people and I want the best for you. I’m nice like that. If I forgot you, then you have my permission to punch me in real life. Just give me fair warning so that I can duck. Thaaaanks.

Since most of these awards require you to share some facts about yourself, I’m just going to throw five random facts at you right now. Just five because I may actually be dying of exhaustion.

1. I’m not very well at the moment. I have a lot of abdominal pain which has been going on for aaaaages so I’m getting medically investigated next month. Basically, certain things are being put in certain places and I want to cry. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been quiet on here guys, just in case you think I’ve gone all Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

2. I lost my voice today because Ireland won a rugby match against South Africa and it was amazing.

I once met this guy in an ATM queue. True story.

3. My hair has been many different colours. It’s been bleached blonde, black, red, purple, medium blonde, and all types of brown. At the moment, I have a bit of balayage going on but I’m thinking of dying it again cause I’ll like to mix sh*t up.

4. I’m completely addicted to tea/coffee. I’m drinking tea right now. I couldn’t go a day without either or people would legit die. That may or may not be a threat. Take it how you will.

5. You guys know I love owls. But I also love sea otters. Like, really love sea otters. I feel I can completely justify this bizarre statement with this story.

Aaaaaand, that’s it. I’m done. If you read this far then you deserve some kind of medal.


I’m going to go collapse now.


46 thoughts on “All the Awards

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Love the post – and aw, you’re so lovely โค COME 'ERE ONE HALF OF THE NEXT RULERS OF LE WORLD!!! (How's Jack, btw?) *hugs*
    Also, I genuinely do hope you're okay – health wise and all. Xx

  2. amandalyle1986 says:

    Nawww! *sniff sniff* You are so sweet. Thank you, thank you and thank you for all the kind words and nominating me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the facts. Sorry to hear you have been in pain. I’ve been having some similar problems (Need to get it checked out!!!) and it’s been a struggle to do anything, let alone sit down and write. I feel your pain…not literally, but you know what I mean! I hope it’s nothing serious and you will be feeling your normal vibrant self soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    I could identify with the tea addiction (although I have never actually ever tried coffee…in my life! Can you believe that?) and also the multiple hair colours…I’ve been pretty much every colour of the rainbow too!

    Anyway, it’s past my bedtime! (Hardcore, me!) I’m going to have one last swig (how ladylike!) of the champagne and stumble on back to bed.

    Oh, and CONGRATS on your award. Well deserved. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • janeybgood says:

      Aw I hope you’re okay! It’s never easy living with any kind of pain. I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself.

      I actually can’t believe that you’ve never had coffee. That is crazy. CRAZY, Amanda. Although you’re better off because I’m sure my blood has been replaced with espresso.

      Thanks for the award again!

  3. dweezer19 says:

    Awesome Janey! Congrats on “catching up”. I may a couple of dusty trophies myself in the closet of “later on”. You have now shamed me i to opening the door and checking it out. You deserve all these awards and the recognition along with them. Who wouldn’t love your honest humor, your ability to laugh at yourself and pick yourself off, dust yourself off and keep starting each new day, in spite of the challenges. Thanks for the nods. Appreciate your reading my work. I always admired my English and writing teachers. It’s worse than a tough job. But then what job worth doing isn’t? Keep up the outstanding work. Smile on.

    • janeybgood says:

      This comment was just lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I need all of your comments on a t-shirt. Or playing over my iPod as I get up in the morning. I meant it all though, you guys really help me! Thanks for being so great ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. weight2lose2013 says:

    I loved it, Janey! Thank you very much for your kind words! My hair had been multicolored at one point while in the band. Black, white and orange. My mom was proud. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that these nominations of your blog are fitting testament to how your friends/ followers feel about you. I know that everyone here hopes that you get well very soon.

    Take care,

  5. SJ says:

    Oh gosh, you are lovely. Now, don’t make me blush.

    Congratulations on all of the awards. You can officially never announce that you are not popular. But, very well deserved. Your blog is always a pleasure to read. โค

  6. cheergerm says:

    Love the way you rolled here! You deserve every award there is and if there was one called The Owls and the Otter Award, I would give it to you. A beautiful shout out to the bloggerverse, thanks for the lovely words abut my blog. You are a sweetchops and a doll face (both good things I assure you) and I hope that some investigation (even though that sucks) gives some relief and answers. You are one of the good ones Ms Cupid. ๐Ÿ˜

    • janeybgood says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ you guys are too kind.

      I really wish people said things like sweetchops in real life. Or maybe they do and all my friends are boring? Either way, thanks haha!

  7. eileen049 says:

    Thanks so much for the mention my dear! So very sweet. I am so glad we connected too! I hope to one day make it to Ireland (one of my dream trips). If I do, can we please meet and go have a guinness? ๐Ÿ˜‰ And please feel better soon!!

  8. Trent Lewin says:

    Ah Janey, that’s super nice of you – I am totally blushing. Really really sweet of you to say such things.

    Hope you’re feeling better… and man… owls? That’s kinda cool.

  9. TvKapherr, CatsattheBar & BackHomeinBromont says:

    Well aren’t you sweet. Thank you so much for the kind words. So sorry about your ailments. Start spiking the tea. Alcohol cures everything. If it doesn’t, Who cares! Sea otters are great. They like to eat of their chests while floating on their backs. Kind of like us, on the couch in front of the telly…but not as cute.
    (Oh I haven’t forgotten that you still owe me a post.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. motherhendiaries says:

    Janey, you are such a sweet little peach on that Irish tree! Thank you so very much for the lovely shout out, darling girl… I have a stack of awards I need to work on but have also been… ahem… busy (read lazy)… If you weren’t convinced of my crazy randomness already, I just wanted you to know I played a makeshift bodhran with a beer tray and a spoon with one of the country’s top Irish flutists the other day… as one does. But I had forgot my drum, and, well, you know I can’t stay out of the limelight very long, attention glutton that I am… hahahaa! I am sure the “gods” of Irish music are pronouncing a curse on me as we speak – hahaha! Thanks again, Janey, my young and lovely blogtwin! Mother Hen

  11. TooFullToWrite says:

    Janey thank you so much for the mention and your kind words. My favourite pieces on my blog are the collaborations and you are always so much fun to write with! I’m sure that everyone else is finding your comments about their blogs heartfelt, hilarious and endearing too. Really look forward to writing with you again soon. Maybe I should start organising a Cat Poem Anthology, I’m sure that will make a lot of people happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • janeybgood says:

      Cat poetry would combining my two favourite things so obviously I’m all for that haha! You’re really a great poet David, and I wouldn’t have been able to write such great compositions without your help ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ifollowislands says:

    Thanks Janey for the lovely mention of my blog ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel honoured to have made it on your list! I will have to revise my 30 random facts soon. Nope, I didn’t actually win at Monopoly for once, I watched the last season of How I Met Your Mother and I really like Christin Milotti now! So thanks for pointing me in the right direction and giving “the Mother” a chance ๐Ÿ˜‰ I might replace it with “When I was in Thailand I got high on mushroom shakes and I thought the air conditioning was a shark attacking me”. Btw I will have to postpone my award ceremony, too, I don’t have the time at the moment unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hope you’re feeling better very soon!

    • janeybgood says:

      I knew you’d like Cristin Milloti eventually, there’s something so endearing about her. I hate the way it ended for her though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Hahaha, the Mushroom Shakes comment made me laugh out loud. Sorrynotsorry. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. girlseule says:

    Thank you Janey for what you said about my blog! Though it is easy to write with honesty when I write anonymously, I couldn’t write what I write with my real name and photo on my blog!

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