I made the short list!

If you guys didn’t have a chance to catch the international news today, you may not know that I have been shortlisted by The Blog Awards Ireland in the Best Humour Blog category.


I am thrilled! And hungry…but mostly thrilled! If it wasn’t for my lovely and loyal followers then I would have no reason to blog, so I owe this to you guys. There’s a gratitude owl on its way to you as we speak. (It’s basically a regular owl, but it curtsies.)

Time for me to go party*.

*Not really because I have school tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have a a cup of tea and not use a coaster….okay, I’ll use a coaster.

31 thoughts on “I made the short list!

  1. ifollowislands says:

    Massive congrats!! I was a judge for the blog awards but I had beauty as a category. If I had known that the category “humour” included awesome blogs like yours I would have ticked that box, too! And given you full marks, of course 😉

    • janeybgood says:

      Aw thank you! What a lovely comment 🙂 being a judge must’ve been cool, I would become a bit power mad mwahahaha! (Forgot I wasn’t a judge there for a second haha)

      • ifollowislands says:

        Well, it was cool until I got two more emails yesterday with like 40 more blogs to judge! They must be really desperate and people must have cancelled last minute normally it’s not that much apparently.. so now I’m doing the food blogs and newcomer shortlists as well! :-/

    • janeybgood says:

      That’s definitely not going to happen cause I’m up against the most famous humour blog in the country. It’s a satire need website and it’s hilarious. But to make it this far is such an honour 🙂

      • TvKapherr, CatsattheBar & BackHomeinBromont says:

        Hey, it’s like the Oscars. The judges sometimes don’t vote for the old guard and want the new exciting up and comers! 😉

      • TvKapherr, CatsattheBar & BackHomeinBromont says:

        I got it! Your Tatum Oneal. Still holds the record for youngest Oscar winner. She was ten, for the film Paper Moon. (Before you time)

  2. PurplesShade says:

    Yay! 😀 — Grats Jane! This is really rad. I hope you win, you’d deserve it, as you are in fact really awesomely funny.

    (Uncertain grammar thought from a dyslexic person: Isn’t it ‘then’ not ‘than’ in this case, since it’s about time, rather than a comparison? I think so…)

    • janeybgood says:

      I just changed it. Nargh, can’t believe I made that mistake! Although I was very foggy when I wrote this, but still- that’s not an excuse!

      Thanks you for your kindness 🙂

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