What distracts you?

Hello my little pine cones! (I don’t know either.)

I have been busy adulting hard (you know, making bubble foam beards in the bath and prank phone calling my neighbours…FYI, their refrigerator is running). I wanted to tell you guys I got a new cat, because having no cats was just not an option for me.

She’s basically me, in cat form.

I’m almost back to work, and I could not be feeling less productive. With this in mind, I thought I would fill you all in on the many things that distract me from, well, doing anything productive.

1. My new cat

She has to be taught all of these valuable skills, like how to curtsy. You know, just in case the queen ever drops by. Surprisingly, it’s quite difficult to get it just right.

2. My phone

Jack: Did you hear me?
Me: Hmm?
Jack: Jane!
Me: Just a sec….
Jack: Are you playing that damn Kim Kardashian game?
Me: If I don’t complete this modelling job, Kim is going to be so disappointed in me.
Jack: And you don’t want to let virtual Kim down.
Me: Exactly.

Please don’t hate me guys.


I’m also annoyingly addicted to Candy Crush Saga, Facebook and watching cat gifs.

3. Sleeping

I cannot stop sleeping. I’m more of a narcoleptic than Sleeping Beauty. I’m Sleeping Beauty without the beauty. (I could do this all day, but I’ve got cat gifs to watch.)

Basically, since I got holidays, I just can’t stay awake. I’ve become a consummate pro at sleeping. Hey, for all you know, I’m asleep right now.


4. Trashy TV

Jack: What did you do today?
Me: Erm, I watched a documentary about…the…effects of…global warming on…North African…giraffes.
Jack: You watched back to back episodes of Jeremy Kyle, didn’t you?
Me: Yes. Yes I did.

<img src="https://cupidorcats.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/img_4214.jpg"

5. YouTube videos of people falling over

I don’t think I need to explain this really.


Right? RIGHT?

So, tell me what distracts you while I go play with this shiny thing….

34 thoughts on “What distracts you?

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Okay you got me with that rather healthy chick tumbling from that precarious and less than brilliant decision to sit on that tiny little rail…..lol Distractions indeed. For me it is butterflies, lizards, rainstorms, birds, flowers, anything that might warrant a photo. Or two. Or three. Nothing in the yard? Well, is it low tide? We could take a drive. Wait! Dammit. I have to hang those clothes first…..

    • janeybgood says:

      I know it’s cruel but I can’t help but laugh at people falling. I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing falls so it’s probably karma.

      Photography is such a wonderful hobby and a very healthy and worthy distraction and your photos are always beautiful! It’s something I wish I did more often myself. Hey, you might even snap some unfortunate falls haha

      • janeybgood says:

        Your comment reminds me of the time I laughed at a girl who tripped on the street only to be told by my sister that my dress was tucked into my underwear. I deserved it haha! You’re a lot kinder than me. Thanks, you too.

  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    You’re cat is beautiful! You’re right, you needed a cat. After all, you couldn’t have this blog named Cupid or Cats and not have a cat. πŸ™‚

  3. eileen049 says:

    I love your new kitty pic…she is so cute! Its great to be owned by a cat. But Kim Kardashian game …sorry…ugh!!!!

  4. reocochran says:

    If I had a pet, like your little kitty, it would distract me! I watch a lot of television to relax, I do like to listen to music, which is also to relax. I sense a theme, like you mentioned, …sleeping…z-z-z!

    • janeybgood says:

      I love to relax.
      I could spend an entire Sunday doing absolutely nothing! Just watching tv and lazing about πŸ™‚ it also helps to have a cat asleep on your lap! Now I just want to sleep lol

  5. narcopathcrusher says:

    Your cat! If she was a japanese manga superhero cat her secret power would be ”cuteness overflow”!
    I am a big cat lover, myself my gravatar is one of them, i picked him up from the street 4 years ago and he was so tiny but now he is the raid boss in our clan.

    • janeybgood says:

      I also adore cats.
      My cat BFF died about a month ago and I was devastated. This new girl is just beautiful though and I adore her. There’s nothing better than taking in a stray, that’s what I always do too, it’s so rewarding πŸ™‚
      Thank you for commenting and my cat also says thanks!

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