Jack White- Dublin 2014

Last night I got to do something I have wanted to do for years. I got to see my favourite musician perform in the best live gig I ever could have wished for.
It was a big deal for me. I’m never really able to experience these things, because of strobe lights and also because I can’t stand for long periods of time without fainting (which is just, like, so embarrassing).

For my birthday, my wonderful boyfriend bought me tickets to Jack White, knowing that I’ve been pretty much obsessed with him since I first heard Fell in Love With a Girl. Since I’ve been having a few pesky seizures lately, I didn’t think I could go. But my Jack was pretty insistent and I’m glad he was.

The concert was in Dublin, in the beautiful and historic setting of the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham. Jack’s support act were The Kills, a male/female duo. Jamie Hince is married to Kate Moss, and the female lead is Alison Mosshart.


They were great, although you really got the feeling the crowd were impatient, willing Jack on stage.

When Jack did finally come on, it was absolutely lashing rain (did I mention it was outdoors? Well, it was). We were saturated. But nobody cared. Who could be in a bad mood listening to this:

We danced, we laughed, we loved Jack’s duet with Alison Mosshart.
Jack drank beer while we laughed at my clothes stuck to my skin. We were carefree, listening to one of the best musicians in the world doing what he loves.

Jack then broke curfew and the PA system got cut off, but he played on anyway, because, well, no one wanted to go home:

All in all, it was magic. Here are some pictures of the gig from Jack’s official website:

















14 thoughts on “Jack White- Dublin 2014

    • janeybgood says:

      It was amazing! He didn’t want people taking pictures (he talked about how we spend too much time looking at concerts through phone screens) so he put these up himself. Great photos.

  1. LAMarcom says:

    Truly Great Post!
    Loved it.
    “I got no more business being here than you do.”
    Oye vay!
    That does ‘compute’ to me. (On many, too many, levels)
    Irene Goodnight? (loving it)
    Are you kidding me?
    Your blog fascinates.
    Thanks for sharing.

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