I see you suffer
Hiding behind the burnt skin and thinning hair
Smiling a little weakly
A feeble frail finger taps a hollow cheek to where my blood filled lips can touch
I fear a kiss may kill you

I see you moving
Crossing deserts in your kitchen
Glancing through your window at horizons you’ll never reach
The timer on the oven seems to be moving too quickly, too quickly
The dinner won’t be ready
The time will be up too soon

I see you folding children’s jumpers
Holding them close to your chest for seconds before you let them go
You’ll have to show them how to get creases out, so they will know
When the folding is done, and plans are made
You need to sit

I see you now, as you are, and I see you as you were
Vibrant, dancing, living,
Teaching, learning, yearning, dreaming
I see you now, hopeless, lost, frightened, blind…but at least

I see you


15 thoughts on “Here

  1. LAMarcom says:

    “The dinner won’t be ready”

    I know you do realize… how powerful this phrase is….
    (or, is it just me?)
    No matter.
    I’ll take it.
    (But out of respect, I won’t steal it…though I want to. I really want to)

      • LAMarcom says:

        I hear you. Sometimes after I hit ‘publish’ on a post I am actually physically exhausted. Most of my stuff is offered up tongue-in-cheek, but there is always some angst buried between the lines. I know you understand what I mean here.

        Thanks for the reply My Friend.
        Keep writing. You have talent.

  2. Wordifull Melanie says:

    Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    My friend Jane of Cupid or Cats took a break from making me laugh to post this wonderfully written poem that made me cry. Please visit the original to like and leave comments. Thank you.

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