My boyfriend is also weird

“Oh dear God, what’s that?!”





“It’s just a moth, Jane. I saw it before I turned off the light.”

“A moth? What if he, I don’t know, hatches eggs in my hair? Or falls into my mouth?”

“What if he hatches eggs? There’s so much wrong with that sentence I don’t know where to start.”

“I’m serious Jack. I won’t be able to
sleep now. What if he is crawling on the ceiling and falls on me? Eurgh, I can hear him flapping around the room.”

“Hey, you remember the moths they took out of the corpses in The Silence of the Lambs?

“Really Jack? REALLY? That’s what your going to talk about? Why aren’t you defending my honour against this blatant home invasion?”

“Just do what you do with the spiders.”

“Scream uncontrollably and run through the nearest window?”

“No. You give him a name to make him less scary.”

“Huh. That’s not a bad idea. But what do you call a moth?”

“You obviously call a moth Ti-MOTH-y. Timothy. Get it? Hahaha.
Man, I’m funny…Jane?….Jane?”

“Sorry, I’m kind of in awe of you right now.”

32 thoughts on “My boyfriend is also weird

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    I like spiders more than moths. Moths are too erratic and freak me out a bit. Plus, they can munch on my favorite cotton shirts. Sorry tiMOTHy. No shirt for you.

  2. mikeyb @ screenkicker says:

    When i was a kid i was riding my bike really fast down the road. I was loving it so much my mouth was hanging open in happiness. But then something massive flew in my mouth and thumped into the back of my throat. It was trying to flap but it was too far down for me to cough it up. I thought fast and decided to swallow it. It was disgusting. It was a moth

  3. Lisa Macy Coaching says:

    *giggling* sorry, couldn’t help myself! You should also watch “Mothra”….if you don’t know about Mothra, it’s one of the Godzilla flicks from eons ago. You guys are just too cute! By the way, I was in a store the other day and saw an “octopus wanting to fight”. Every time I see a coat hook like that I giggle and think of you! 😀 Thanks Janey! XX

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