Jane 1 Epilepsy 0


Today I went on a hike with my dogs


I took this only about three miles from my house. Beautiful isn’t it?

When I came home, I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. I even did chores that I despise.

I did grocery shopping and made all our meals from scratch today, with organic produce.

I put a hair mask in and pampered myself with a lovely bubble bath and fancy moisturiser.

I did so much washing (laundry for my American readers) that the washing machine is still going.

I drank peppermint tea and caught up with all my friends back home.

Why, might you ask, am I bragging about my productive day?

Because I had kind of given up. When my seizures came back, I got lazy. I felt frightened to do anything, to live. Today, I lived my life. And I didn’t have one seizure. Not one.

I feel relaxed. Hell, I even feel happy.

I can’t let this get the better of me.
I’m not going to let it. There are people out there with much bigger problems who are coping much better than me. I need to get off my ass and live.

And by the way epilepsy, if you were a person I would totally be sticking my tongue out at you right now. Ner ner!


35 thoughts on “Jane 1 Epilepsy 0

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I’m so glad for you Janey. Life is such a roller coaster ride. Good to hear that you had such a beautiful day. I am truly happy for you. Hang i. There. Beautiful photo too!

  2. motherhendiaries says:

    Oh yeah… go girlie! *z-snap* Walk that dog! Cook that food! … but also, make sure you get some rest, wonder woman! Exhaustion and epilepsy are not typically a good mix. Just saying. Yes, I really AM a Mother Hen. πŸ™‚ xx *cluck!*

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