I thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate 500 of you wonderful followers by reblogging this collaboration with the wonderful Hasty Words. Enjoy!


Wings by HastyWords Wings by HastyWords


Flocks of butterflies landed in front of me
Oranges, blues, and wine colored reds
Their wings were a cacophony of beats
Stitching my wounds with rainbow threads

Transfixed by nimble and delicate flight
I contemplate their careful crimson dance
My motionless body masks my delight
Viewing a rare moment of flighty romance

The carefree display of life on barbs of light
And the way they give nothing to the past
At rest or in motion, always in the moment
Speaks a needed truth into my troubled soul

Oh, if I could ascend from my tainted reality
Unimpeded in my search for meaning
I would join these creatures in heavenly flight
My colors would change from dark to bright

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15 thoughts on “RAINBOW THREADS

    • janeybgood says:

      No, again, thank YOU! I was never confident enough to write poetry before you and David too. You guys have brought this out in me and I love it. It’s such a lovely way to express yourself.

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