I’m in a glass case of emotion

Am I just a complete emotional wreck?! I saw this and literally sobbed…SOBBED! What’s wrong with me?



21 thoughts on “I’m in a glass case of emotion

  1. Lisa Macy Coaching says:

    Nothing is wrong with you! It just means you have a very caring heart! I cry at so many weird things it’s not even funny. Really! Well, there are some people that think it’s funny, but I can’t help it. So, cry away Janey you’re not alone! {{{hugs}}}

  2. SKANLYN says:

    And this is why I oppose environmentalism. The tree huggers can rage on all they want about how we’re destroying the planet but the fact is that we’re one asteroid collision, super volcano eruption, or other natural catastrophe from annihilation. And if all the other stuff doesn’t get us, the sun is guaranteed to super nova at some point, wiping out any trace of our meaningless existence or that of the whore they call Mother Earth. In the mean time I prefer to spend my remaining days enjoying my polyfluorocarbons and the warm weather (hopefully getting to the beach more often which, if the Al Gore is correct, will be a lot closer thanks to those rising sea levels).

    • janeybgood says:

      This is actually so true. There are a number of ways the earth is going to be destroyed. The moon is gradually moving further away from us (only at a rate of 3 cm a year, but in a few billion years that will be a big deal) which is going to begin to affect our axial tilt and rotation and of course, the tides. It’s unstoppable. Even before the sun “dies”, it’s going to expand into a red giant and earth will become uninhabitable. Then of course there’s the danger of viruses, nuclear war and any number of extinction events which have already occurred in the brief history of life on earth. Ah, not depressing at all πŸ˜€

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