I am not stalking my neighbours with binoculars

So, a few days ago I told you guys about my obsession with all things space-related (yes, that includes David Bowie and Buzz Lightyear).

Last night, the planet Mars was shining a beautiful red colour above my house. In my excitement, I went to grab my binoculars to get a better look.

My house is a semi-detached and I might have mentioned that I don’t really get on with my neighbour (who refuses to acknowledge my cheerful “hellloooo” every morning. Now I just say things like “tabby cat” or “speedo wedgie” to illicit a response. Nothing). Last night, the best view of Mars that I could get with my binoculars was from my back garden, just above my neighbour’s roof.

I peeked through the binoculars, trying to get the focus right. That’s when I heard a really loud cough, and realised that to an observer of my antics, it may have appeared that I was spying on my neighbours in their top floor bedroom from my back garden. With binoculars. Hence my neighbour’s exasperated cough from above.

While I legged it inside (you know, the natural thing to do when you are trying to look less suspicious), I mumbled “I was looking at Mars. Not you guys. Mars.”

So I think it’s safe to say if my neighbours thought I was weird before, they now think I’m completely insane. And related to Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. Great.


23 thoughts on “I am not stalking my neighbours with binoculars

  1. insanitybytes22 says:

    Ha! Funny. I’m a stalker, too. The problem I’m having is that most people are scarier than me. I haven’t quite figured out how that works. It’s really hard to be a proper stalker without that fear element. I’m thinking about getting a clown mask.

  2. musingsofmuskaan says:

    Hehe we have had the same issue! Except my husband has this huge telescope so the neighbors across the street sometimes come out on their porch and just stare at us.

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