Girls Alone Vs Boys Alone

My boyfriend is away (lecturing at a university, FYI…smartie pants). We’ve often spent quite a lot of time apart, but that was when I lived back home, near friends and family.

Since I’ve moved away, my nights alone are a lot more…lonely.

I know how you feel Elmo

Today at work, I mentioned in passing that I was going to be spending a few nights alone. When I said this, I was surrounded by four of my male colleagues. Later, I was talking about it with my female colleagues. The differences in their suggestions of what I should do are hilarious.

The Boys’ Suggestions:

Jane, you should totally come for after work beers with us!

You should just be naked all the time.

One word: Porn.

Another word: Playstation.

Have some “alone” time heh heh heh.

The Girls’ Suggestions:

Have a candlelit bath.

Read a good book.

One word: bake.

Another word: Manicure.

Listen to some classical music.

Have you any suggestions for me?What do you like to do when you’re alone?


56 thoughts on “Girls Alone Vs Boys Alone

  1. Julie the Workaholic says:

    There is always drinking, lol. πŸ˜‰

    My faves rolled into one: hot bubble bath, wine, and a good book.

    Or you could sneak out and participate in gold old American fun and toilet paper someone’s house, lol!

  2. mikeyb @ screenkicker says:

    I think you should combine all of the suggestions you’ve had. Playstation in the bath, drunk, with a cake in the oven. Actually that might be an incredibly dangerous idea but you can guarantee your night will be eventful

  3. bloggergirl182 says:

    Well, when I HAD a boyfriend, time alone meant doing the things I loved to do that he didn’t enjoy nearly as much…such as playing Sims 3, going to the beach, shopping, catching up on chick flicks, driving with no destination (you can come across some amazing places), jigsaw puzzles, ‘alone time’…basically everything I do now that I’m single again!

    • janeybgood says:

      Yeah, it is a good chance to do things that you can’t really do together. I mostly watch trashy tv when he’s gone haha! Oh and Sims is a really good idea too πŸ™‚

  4. Karen says:

    My suggestions are perhaps not too fancy:
    read what you like, write what you like, listen to music you like, watch movies you like, etc.
    (1) BE YOU
    (2) Have fun.

  5. PurplesShade says:

    Hmm… Make yourself a food he doesn’t like, which you do.

    Invite some friends over for a movie night, and enjoy being as loud as you want because you won’t be bugging his sleep.
    Perhaps pick a movie you know he wouldn’t enjoy, but that you would like to see… Even if you just watch it by yourself. πŸ™‚

    Play games without headphones on.
    Or, in the case of play-station games, enjoy not having to turn off/down the telly when you walk away to get a snack. Unless, and this is key, you want to. πŸ˜‰
    Choice is so freeing.

    Enjoy some music he doesn’t necessarily like.

    Take the quiet time to do something you know you’d otherwise be distracted from, like read a book, or fiddle with a rubix cube/puzzle.

    Do a cartwheel in the living room (okay, you don’t have to, but it’s something I’d do. heh)

    • janeybgood says:

      Well that’s just the most amazing suggestion(s) ever! Thank you. I’m going to save this for the next time.
      The last time I tried to do a rubix cube, I ended up throwing it across the room haha!
      I particularly like the cartwheel suggestion πŸ˜€

  6. ravensane says:

    You should rent a storage unit, move all the furniture and luxuries into the unit, and take a picture of the emptiness on your phone. Then, with the attached picture, send a text saying, “Surprise honey! I achieved spiritual enlightenment and sold all our materialistic baggage!” Then, with all the extra space, you could get a disco ball, strobe, and other light show equipment host a pajama party rave in his absence.

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