I Love Space

I just want to say I feckin love space. I love it and I fear it. Thinking about its possible infiniteness, black holes, gas giants, possible extra-terrestrial life, dark matter, solar flares, asteroids… I find it all so fascinating.

I read about the other planets in the solar system constantly, about planets outside our solar system, about the Big Bang Theory, about the Universe in general and I also keep a fond eye out for the International Space Station. There is something so majestic about astronomy; something mysterious and incomprehensible.

I was never any good at physics in school but that didn’t stop me being really interested in it. I constantly watch documentaries and fan-girl on physicists and astronauts the way most girls do on actors and musicians.

Chris Hadfield rockin’ it out in space. Excuse my while I swoon.

My next nerdy space-related venture will be hopefully purchasing a good telescope. I have a deep fascination with the planet Jupiter and I would LOVE to see it more clearly for myself. Yes, many girls might want the newest Mark Jacobs for their birthday, and I want a telescope.

Look how beautiful it is.

So now you know something else about me other than Prosecco makes me take selfies (see below) and I like cats. I also adore anything to do with space and if any of you know Chris Hadfield, I want to be his BFF.

If you like space as much as I do, we could possibly be twins separated at birth or soul mates. Get in touch.


10 thoughts on “I Love Space

  1. reocochran says:

    I liked this post, because you are right! Most people would not want a telescope for a gift! I happen to love space, think my Dad is up there ‘rearranging the stars…!’ Great post with fun thoughts but a serious message about you being a ‘closet nerd,’ (I am one, too!) Smiles, Robin

    • janeybgood says:

      Aw, what a lovely way to view the stars πŸ™‚ Yeah, it’s an unusual hobby for some but I’m so fascinated by it! I will do posts and pics when I finally get my telescope πŸ™‚

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