Adventures in Drinking

How fitting that I should be doing this today?! Bleurgh. I’m currently ensconced in a duvet while Jack is cooking hangover food for me. Yes, this is totally self-inflicted but still… Pity me!

So, as you may have gathered, I’m a pretty annoying drunk. I like to talk, squeal, giggle and dance. I’m also partial to a bit of singing. If you’re a stranger, I want to get to know you. Why? Because we could be best friends. I will dance with you, do shots with you, and give you much needed life advice that ranges from “just scramble the white of the egg to lower your cholesterol” to “you need to marry her in Vegas and I will officiate the ceremony dressed as Elvis!”

Then I will vanish into the night, never to be seen again.

My drink of choice when I’m out is vodka and Red Bull, simply because it keeps my energy levels pretty high (and that always seems necessary). If you look into my eyes in the picture I have posted, you will see “crazy” eyes. This happens to me after a few beverages and just adds to my overall inebriated demeanour. As do the random outbursts of dancing and jazz hands.

I have had lots of great (and not so great) experiences. I have made amazing friends, I have broken bones, I have sang, danced and even rapped. I have had some of the most interesting conversations with people while drunk. It may sound immature, but sometimes losing your inhibitions is very liberating. I drink very infrequently…but when I do, I make Miley Cyrus look like Marcia Brady.

Since my brain is working at the pace of a snail on Valium, I’m going to link to a far better post than this from my friend Julie here

I will dole out this advice: never, ever listen to the strange guy next to you at the bar who tells you that vodka and cider make a delightful cocktail. They do make me want to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” repeatedly though…

I’m going to go hibernate for a few days but if you want to tell me that last night, you also did something crazy then that would be great. Or if you crocheted with your cat…whatever.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Drinking

  1. Julie the Workaholic says:

    Oh, darlin! Bless your heart! Feel better! You’re fearless and I live vicariously through you! ❤

    Friday was my night…The husband's birthday. There was whipped cream but that's all I am going to say. Last night? Just watched a scary movie, whereupon the husband had to peel me off the ceiling. Twice. This is why we never go to the theater, LOL…

    • janeybgood says:

      Haha, sounds fun! I had the reverse weekend, I watched a horror on Friday but I’m the one who finds everything hilarious haha! I love giving my friends a good scare 😀

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