10 Pieces of Mildly Interesting Celebrity Trivia

1. Maya Rudolph (a.k.a. Lillian from Bridesmaids) is the daughter of Minnie Riperton, a singer-songwriter who is best known for her 1975 hit “Lovin’ You”. All together now: “Lovin you, is easy cause you’re beautiful.. A doot’n doot’n doo doo…”

2. Speaking of Bridesmaids, the director, Paul Feig, played Mr. Pool, Sabrina Spellman’s Science teacher in Sabrina The Teenage Witch.


3. For all you English soap fans, Laila Morse, who played “Big Mo” in the BBC soap Eastenders is the half-sister of actor Gary Oldman.


4. Actor Nicholas Cage is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and also Coppola’s sister, Talia Shire. I know many people know this, but I was pretty mind blown!

5. Tim Allen was once convicted of drug trafficking.

6. Before Bradley Cooper was famous, he asked Sean Penn a question on Inside the Actor’s Studio.


7. Tommy Lee Jones was college roommates with former US vice-president, Al Gore. I’m sure the parties were INSANE.


8. On the final night of shooting the film Titanic, someone spiked the clam chowder being served to the cast and crew with the hallucinogenic drug PCP (angel dust). Bill Paxton was affected, but James Cameron forced himself to get sick before the drug took effect.

9. Famous lines that were actually ad-libbed:

You talkin’ to me? Robert de Niro, Taxi Driver (1976)

Here’s Johnny! Jack Nicholson, The Shining (1980)

I’m walkin’ here! Dustin Hoffman, Midnight Cowboy (1969)

Funny how? Joe Pesci Goodfellas (1990)



10. Meryl Streep provided the voice of Jessica Lovejoy in The Simpsons.


Most of this trivia either came from IMDB or Wikipedia unless otherwise stated. Do you know any interesting celebrity/movie trivia? Please share!


10 thoughts on “10 Pieces of Mildly Interesting Celebrity Trivia

  1. PurplesShade says:

    Yay! Learning new things. I didn’t know most of these. (In general celebrities aren’t really in my knowledge sphere.)

    I knew the ad-libbing ones. My favourite of those was actually the “I’m walking here”.
    The smoothness of ignoring having almost been hit by a random car that wasn’t supposed to be there is to me, pretty epic.

    (For those who don’t know the cab driver was just some random who shouldn’t have been there and really nearly hit them by ignoring signs posted that the road was closed.)

    • janeybgood says:

      I read lots of random Wikipedia articles so I have a bountiful supply of useless trivia so I thought why not put it to use on my blog?

      It’s one of my favourite movie lines ever and I copy it all the time haha. It’s a great testament to an actor that they can stay in a character even at the point of nearly getting knocked down!

      • PurplesShade says:

        I think it’s a good idea, then we can all benefit from the compilation of your research. πŸ˜€

        Man, I know right? I’d be freaked if I was nearly hit by a car. It runs through my head from time to time, usually when I see a car get just a bit too close for comfort. It’s funny the meme-catchphrases we compile in our heads. XD

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