My Smart Ass Comment Of The Day

“We don’t need no education”… Well, clearly you do Pink Floyd, because that’s a double negative.


7 thoughts on “My Smart Ass Comment Of The Day

      • Trent Lewin says:

        Everything I have ever learned worth learning, I learned was already in a Floyd tune.

        Yeah that one song has a bit of an anti-teacher slant, but I figure they were beating down the system, the assembly line, not the teachers themselves. It was a song about the curriculum, not the teachers! Now I’m just trying to give you a hard time…

      • janeybgood says:

        I know. I’m pretty sure I have a Pink Floyd tshirt somewhere. And my brother used to play them for me constantly. I appreciate that they are very creative, I actually listen to “Comfortably Numb” nearly every night and I’ve even played it in school.
        At the time the song was written, teachers would have been very authoritarian and autocratic so I’m sure they had a point anyway.

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