Let’s Go on a Picnic! Sunshine Award Nominations

The lovely Robin (above)has nominated me for a Sunshine Award and because her post is so much fun and will bring a smile to anyone’s face, I’ve decided to just reblog it (and I’ve accepted this award before and don’t want to look too greedy har har). Robin’s blog is fun-filled and often thought-provoking. Saying I love this blog would be an understatement, she is a ball of sunshine and positivity. Thanks Robin!


In the midst of many feet of snow, while growing up in

Cleveland, Ohio, my mother and we, three kids, would

have fun, snow days! The best things came out of those

special moments. It was a time of childhood wonder, warm

cookies being baked, sometimes a tent in the dining room,

(sheet draped over the cherry wood table) or sometimes we

would have a ‘summer’ picnic!

Here is the Menu for my desired picnic on this wintry,

breezy day! Come on! Go into your pantries, you may

surprise yourself with what you may come up with! There

may be cans of baked beans, there may be a can of German

potato salad or those vinegary but sweet, three beans

concoction. If you are a ‘health nut’ be aware, this

writer got up and made 100% whole wheat pancakes, took

some confectioner’s sugar, cinnamon and a dab of real


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Go on a Picnic! Sunshine Award Nominations

  1. reocochran says:

    Thank you very much for reblogging my post, hope that it did not bore or scare off your great readers! You gave me many compliments and you are the one who brings me chuckles! Smiles, Robin

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