Q&A with my boyfriend


Er, hi. Is this awkward?

Er, yes…it is. Will I break dance?

Erm, no thanks.

What do you think of my blog?

What’s a blog? Haha. See, I can be funny too. It’s pretty great, keep going.

Do you mind that I write (mostly nice) things about you?

I especially like the post where you said I am incredibly handsome, virile, witty, intelligent, athletic, Adonis-like…

Jack, I never wrote that.

Yeah, I know. Hint hint.

What did you really do with the remote?
(A few years ago, our remote “mysteriously” vanished. Jack denies having anything to do with it but he lies as good as he break-dances, which is not good at all. Anyway, because we’re lazy we still haven’t replaced it.)

Look baby, the remote is gone. And like the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa, no one knows where. Just let it go.

Tell my lovely loyal followers a little about yourself.

Um, I like pie. I’m not good at this. I’m definitely not afraid of the dark. Not even slightly. Not one. Little. Bit.

You’re doing a PhD. How’s that going?

It’s going really well actually. Just yesterday, I discovered that America’s relative power positi….oh, you were just being polite when you asked? Awkward.

No, no… I really care and stuff.

Important question: Which Backstreet Boy is your favourite?

The one that wore the bandanas. They made him automatically cool.

His name is AJ Jack, stop pretending you don’t know.

What goes through your mind when I wear my onesie?

All kinds of conflicting emotions.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

You. Hahaha, seriously, I kill me.
If my mother is reading this, then receiving an education.

It’s not the oscars, Jack, I’m sure she’ll never see this. Does that sound snarky? Sorry. Iloveyou.

Sum up your life in one word:


I bet I can make you laugh. Remember Nicolas Cage in the remake of Wicker Man? NOT THE BEES! Did it work?

Can’t type, still laughing.

Thanks for taking part Jack. Now go clean the dishes…haha, I’m totally joking, it’s not like he’s my slave, *awkward nervous laugh* right Jack…Jack?

26 thoughts on “Q&A with my boyfriend

  1. BrantleyNewton says:

    Coupes are so much better at losing the remote than single people. They just can’t compete! My girlfriend and I keep losing the little shiny Apple TV remote (which was engineered specifically to become easily lost in sofas). Luckily there’s an app so that we can use our phones instead! Otherwise it would just be a $100 paperweight!

    • janeybgood says:

      We lose lots of things, including the car keys, constantly.

      We’re ridiculous though, because all it would take is a trip to the local supermarket to buy a remote instead of having to manually change the channel like cavemen.

      An app for our TV would be great, but alas, it doesn’t exist.

    • janeybgood says:

      You should, it’s lots of fun. Even if some of his answers are quite baffling.

      Haha, he always aims to disgust. He’s quite chuffed with himself at the moment. Thanks for reading.

  2. princessfairyzooboo says:

    This cracked me up. You two are probably my blogging OTP now…..and that kinda sounds weird, but seriously, in my teenage sappy mind, you guys are just TOO amazing.
    And oh, when you told him to not pretend that he didn’t know the backstreet boy’s name, HAHAHAHAHHAHA,!!!!!!!!! God, I’m still laughing!
    Stay beautiful,

    • janeybgood says:

      Aw that’s so sweet!
      Yeah, he secretly (not so secretly anymore) likes the backstreet boys. Sorrynotsorry Jack.
      Thanks for reading Zulekha (I had to look at the top of the page to spell it right)

      • princessfairyzooboo says:

        And hey, backstreet boys are nothing to be ashamed of! I had a thing for Elton John once…and then boyzone/westlife kicked in…and don’t get me started on Take That.
        But then….it was all about Girls Aloud…!!!!
        (It was all the work of my mother, bringing me into these non-1D bands)

        And high five for good spelling!

      • janeybgood says:

        I actually loved the Spice Girls and Boyzone first, and then backstreet boys. Jack is instructing me to say he only likes rock music. Ahem.
        I still like a bit of Girls Aloud, their music is so catchy!

      • princessfairyzooboo says:

        The thing with these bands is I wish they never stopped!
        And aw, it’s OK! When my brother was a little kid, he secretly had this crush in BeyoncΓ©. Weird for an eight year old, but we teased him constantly about it. One day, I sneakily said “Oh, you like BeyoncΓ©, right?” And he blurted out “OF COURSE, WHO DOESNT?”
        To this day, I still wind him up over it.
        He gets incredibly embarrassed…. πŸ™‚

      • janeybgood says:

        I know, they were all very cheesy but enjoyable!

        Haha, aw that’s cute! But I can understand, Beyonce is great πŸ™‚ I’ve had some strange crushes over the years. I actually keep meaning to do a post about it.

      • janeybgood says:

        Yeah I have to build up the courage. I have very strange taste. No offence to Jack.

        Your latest post is amazing by the way! I realise I should be saying this on your page, but since you’re here πŸ™‚

      • princessfairyzooboo says:

        Wow, thank you!
        You know with comments…I…I never dismiss them. They really mean something to me.

      • princessfairyzooboo says:

        The day you become famous, just don’t forget me!

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