What do you do when you feel crap?

Today, everyone at work had to stay back for three (unpaid) hours after we’d already had quite the hectic day. I’m exhausted, sick (Jack cooked and maintains that the minced beef was probably cooked through) and we’ve no heating in the house so it feels like we’re suffering through a mini ice age. (We have had fun reenacting scenes from the end of Titanic though.)
When I feel sorry for myself like this, I grab my laptop, put on a feel good film (or one of my favourites), climb into bed and try to forget the day’s troubles.
What do you do?

25 thoughts on “What do you do when you feel crap?

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Blog endlessly, it seems. Sometimes I try to work out, it seems to alter my mood drastically. I only really feel very bummed when I’m too down to write… that’s when a good movie usually does the trick.

    • janeybgood says:

      Working out is always good. I also find a cuddle from a friend/Jack/one of my pets cheers me up.
      And you’re right, I write like crazy too. It’s very therapeutic (even if it is mostly rubbish haha).

  2. V says:

    I do pretty much the same thing. Pyjamas, unhealthy snack, laptop and an old feel-good film reliable works. Failing that… there’s always valium! 😀

    • janeybgood says:

      There has to an unhealthy snack. I also have a onesie because there’s nothing more comforting than dressing like a giant baby.
      Valium is for the weekends haha! If my boss is reading this, that was a lie. And she *points to V* started it.

      • V says:

        Did I say Valium!? Oh, I meant valiance. An act of valian… valour. Yeessss. 😀
        Ah onesies, I’m in one right now, glass of wine to my right. They’re amazing things, onesies, though there’s nothing as unsexy as the huge, oversized, pink rabbit onesie I’m wearing right now. It has a hood though, so I win.

      • janeybgood says:

        Yep, you totally saved it.

        That sounds like heaven. My onesie is a Disney one but it doesn’t have a hood (and yours sounds like the best invention since the wheel). My boyfriend’s brother got me booties for Christmas, which I love…but it does reveal the serious unsexy ‘I love comfort and dressing like a giant baby’ vibe I must give off. Hmm.

        Wine sounds like a good idea. I’m gonna have wine.

      • V says:

        Yes! Wine and onesies go hand in hand. Though they tend to get in the way if you start feeling in the mood (because of the wine) or need to go to the toilet (because of the wine). I’d love a Disney onesie! What characters are on it? Oh and booties for the win. What a glamorous Friday night us young socialites are having.

      • janeybgood says:

        That’s true, I always curse myself in the middle of the night when I blearily get up to go to the bathroom.

        It’s a Minnie Mouse one. It looks ridiculous really but the comfort overrides all the ridiculousness.

        Haha yeah, it’s a far cry from stilettos and gel nails but man it’s comfortable. Or else we’re getting ol- nope, I won’t go there.

  3. silverliningsproject says:

    How come you had to do three free hours?!?

    My thing is to curl up under my fleecy blanket with my cats, hot chocolate on hand and read blog posts. The good thing is that the cats don’t budge for hours – the perfect excuse for me not to either…

    I hope today goes better for you.

    • janeybgood says:

      Ugh, I know. We (teachers) basically made a deal with the government that in return for no pay cuts for a while, we would do free overtime. We’ve a certain amount to fulfil a year.

      That sounds lovely. My cat always has to sit in the most awkward places but I’m always too guilty to move her. She’ll sit on my shoulders or chest if I’m lying down.

      Aw, thank you 🙂 I’ve had a much better day today. Hope you’re enjoying yours!

  4. juliafragiaslmt says:

    I work out to such an extent/frenzy that my crappy thought process has no chance against the exhaustion of my body…usually this works. Lately, it hasn’t which is why cleaning my apartment is a productive alternative. If my space feels refreshed and hopeful, so will I.

    • janeybgood says:

      I completely agree with both of those points. I actually bought a punching bag (which makes me sound aggressive, I’m not) and it really helps.

      I too love a good clean when I’m stressed. I can’t manage mess, particularly if I want to relax. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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