13 awkward moments when…

Just to make you squirm, here are some of the most common awkward situations I think we’ve all experienced:

1. Being in an elevator/lift with a bunch of strangers

Picture from igoristic.com

The silence. The close proximity to strangers. The avoidance of eye contact. Awkward level=Woody Allen.

2. Meeting a friend and they run into a friend of theirs that you don’t know

Picture from themetapicture.com

Do I leave? Why am I just standing here smiling like an idiot? Why haven’t they introduced us yet? Aaaaargh

3. Meeting someone that you haven’t spoken to in years and having nothing to say

“So, erm, that Kanye West is an awful eejit, isn’t he?”

*Interminable silence… A wolf howls*

“Well, nice talkin to ya!”

Picture from http://s284.photobucket.com

4. Someone says “hello” just as you answer “fine”

Oh, the humanity

5. Someone is waving like crazy at you so you awkwardly wave back. You then realise they are actually waving at someone else.

Picture from memeblender.com

6. “Do you like *insert obscure band name*?”
“Erm, yeah, they’re great…”
“What’s your favourite song by them?”

7. When someone gets your name wrong and you leave it too long to correct them.
It’s not so bad… Ted sounds a lot like Ryan. Ahem.

Picture from sodahead.com

8. When a plane lands and people clap. It makes me all kinds of awkwards. Am I alone here?

Picture from quoteswaves.com

9. When someone says something and you haven’t heard them by the fifth time so just pretend to have heard it… and give the totally incorrect reaction

“I said *says something incoherent”
“Oh, that’s great!”
“It’s great that my cat has piles?!”

10. When someone makes you retell a joke that *they* found hilarious but everyone else just gives you limp, pity laugh

Picture from 4tnz.com

11. When you go to greet someone and aren’t sure whether to do a handshake, hug or cheek-kiss so you just stand there and give an awkward, stupid wave.

Picture from funnyjunk.com

12. When you’re watching a film with your parents and a sex scene comes on
I’m 26 and still can’t handle this. I fall into a vortex of shame and awkwardness.

Picture from quickmeme.com

13. When people sing happy birthday to you

Picture from memeblender.com


19 thoughts on “13 awkward moments when…

  1. V says:

    Number 4. Oh God, number 4. I always do this. Why? And saying “I’m grand, how are you?” on the phone when they haven’t even asked me how I am. Number 12 reminds me of those nature programs we used to watch as kids with my folks. Nothing says awkward like a giant bull elephant with his giant bull elephant schlong running around and trumpeting before he mounts some poor unsuspecting lady elephant.

    • janeybgood says:

      Yep I do number four all the time, it’s quite mortifying.
      Haha, yeah I know what you mean about nature programs. (Btw, I’m still laughing at “giant bull elephant schlong”)
      I remember getting the live show. Me and Mam were coming back from town when our cat was splayed out on the lawn with the neighbour Tom, in a very compromising position. I think a part of my childhood died that day. Although we did get 4 kittens from it.

    • janeybgood says:

      If I’m in one with Jack (my boyfriend) and strangers, he just can’t take the awkwardness (even if I’m there) and will actually start giggling like a child. Which just makes it more awkward.

  2. Aussa Lorens says:

    Haha! I relate to so many of these. Particularly the sex while watching a movie with your parents thing. I remember basically nothing from “Cold Mountain” except for the fact there’s some super strokey rocking sex scene that lasts for like 25 minutes. Because I was sitting there with my entire family. And I was like 16.

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