I dare you to…

So I was unpacking boxes in my new house (we moved lately) and I found something hilarious: A list of dares my best friend and I compiled for our first holiday abroad when we were 19. We made a list of eleven dares. Whoever did the most, or the majority, first, got €30. It was so ridiculously immature, but fun.

1. When the plane is taking off, yell ‘KEVIIIIN’ as loud as possible. (I took this one.)

2. Run out to the pool by yourself, flailing excitedly and cannonball in. Then calmly get out and walk back inside (my best friend did this and the reaction was brilliant).

3. When any waitress brings food to our table, stand up and meaningfully hug her. Bonus points for patting her back and whispering ‘thank you, thank you.’ (My best friend did this too.)

4. Find a karaoke bar, rap the full song ‘The Next Episode’ by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg complete with thrusting and grunting. (I did this and nearly knocked out the DJ with the microphone.)

5. Ask another tourist, while holding your camera, “would you mind taking a picture” and if they say yes, hand the camera to me, and pose beside the tourist. (I also did this and still have the photo. Their awkward expression is priceless.)

6. Get into a taxi. Ensure there is complete silence for about five minutes. Then suddenly (and very sincerely) begin singing “Dust in the Wind”. (Again, I did this because my friend didn’t really know the words. I took my inspiration from Will Ferrell in ‘Old School’ and the taxi driver loved it. He even asked for an encore, so it didn’t really have the desired awkward effect but it was fun.)

7. Get into the baby pool with armbands. (My best friend did this and did a brilliant job of looking cautious and frightened by the 7 inches of water.)

8. (We didn’t call it ‘photobomb’ but that’s what we meant) Randomly get into the background of someone’s photo and look at creepy as possible (we both did this and we’re sure it was very creepy indeed).

9. Sit near to a group of people by the pool and calmly narrate everything they do. (I don’t think neither of us did this. At least not when we were sober, anyway.)

10. Go to a club and robot dance for a full song with a very serious face (I’m pretty sure we both did this also.)

11. Excitedly run up to a person by the pool, tap them and say ‘you’re it!’ before running off. (I did this. I did not expect the game to catch on and for about thirty people to start playing.)

Overall, I completed more but I don’t think I ever got that €30. The prize was looking crazy and scaring complete strangers. Ah, to be 19 again.

11 thoughts on “I dare you to…

      • V says:

        Absolutely it is. It’s a drunken dancing staple, both acceptable and at the same time not acceptable anywhere, at any time. 😉

      • V says:

        My go-to move for break dance fights is the Prodigy dance. I have to hold my boobs when I do it now though, under threat of black eyes.

      • V says:

        Ah memories of dancing to that tune! Thinking we were smooth movers with a few drinks in us. Oh and “Freestyler”!

      • janeybgood says:

        Totally forgot Freestyler! And of course, like you mentioned, there was the Prodigy and the novelty of getting to say the word ‘bitch’ in Smack My Bitch Up and my mam having a heart attack the first time she heard it. Ah, memories.

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