Actual conversation I just had:

Me: Any news today?
Jack: Yeah. I got a gun.
Me: You WHAT?!
Jack: Yeah. It’s not really a big deal. There’ll be much worse to come.
Me: What are you talking about?
Jack: Well, I haven’t even purposefully murdered anyone yet.
Me: Jack, are you joking?
Jack: Um, no.
Me: Are you in some kind of gang or secret society?
Jack: I think I might be in a gang, yeah. I’m not sure. I wear gangster clothes.
Me: (looking at his sweater-vest) Um, what? I mean, are you going to tell me you’ve a new girlfriend as well?
Jack: No. I think she comes later. I haven’t seen any prostitutes either.
Me: ……..
Jack: You do know I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto?
Me: Um, you kinda failed to mention that *little* detail.


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