7 Annoying Things Couples do on Facebook

1.Have public arguments

It’s great to watch

Buuuut, it’s totally not classy.

2.Post passive aggressive statuses

You’ve seen them. They’re usually along the lines of

SOMEONE can be so selfish sometimes

followed by the inevitable nosy friend comment

U ok hun?


3. Write to each other
This isn’t so bad if the couple are living apart but if the couple live together… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? You live together! Turn your head 45 degrees and talk to each other. Wow.


4. Constantly upload coupley photos


5. Have vomit-inducing “conversations”


6. Constantly change their relationship status


When I fight with my parents, I don’t change my status to “orphan”.

7. Share everything


There are some people who like to share every aspect of their life on Facebook. Personally, sharing a baby scan picture is a step too far for me. But each to their own I guess.


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