Why We’re Here- We’ve so much in common!

I’m not a counsellor. I’ve seen Good Will Hunting a couple of times but that’s it really. What I am is one half of a ten year old relationship. Ten years. That’s a whole Justin Bieber (cheap shot I know). So something is working. We’re not one of those cutesy couples you see wearing matching t-shirts (puke). We argue over tea-making and other people’s shoe size (I’ll explain later). We’ve probably had every possible argument at this stage so I thought it’d be worth starting a blog to discuss the complexities of our relationship and sharing these moments so that you too can say ‘THEY FIGHT OVER WHO THE CAT LOVES MORE TOO!!’ If you’re single, there’s room for you too. Didn’t you just read a sentence about cats? See, everyone belongs here. 


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